Lily’s nine.

Every year I feel the same way, that I can not believe Lily could have grown so fast. Nine seems impossible. But then when I look at my girl, I see that it’s not only possible that she’s nine but she could even be ten by the way she looks and acts.

I made chocolate cake

It’s a tradition that at some point on Lily’s birthday, we’ll listen to Frances England’s song You and Me. I blogged about this years ago, sharing the lyrics and audio for the song (don’t mind the missing images which were at one time hosted elsewhere. I haven’t caught up on replacing them yet!). We listened to You and Me again this year but I’ll share another of Frances’ wonderful and still apt for the moment songs here:

I wasn’t sure how we would celebrate Lily’s birthday this year, especially after Leif had THREE birthdays! There was some chance that we’d be in Oona River around this time which would have been a really fun place to celebrate her birthday. Lily’s very dear friends and fellow unschoolers, Maya and Lily live there. Alas, it wasn’t going to work out since they were up working in the Khutzeymateen. Imagine our surprise and Lily’s excitment to hear they got back to town the evening of the small family party we planned. Thank goodness I adjusted my cake recipe to make more!

Happy Birthday!

I made Raspberry Topped Chocolate Torte but doubled the cake and made them in 9 inch round pans. Then I put a couple cups of defrosted frozen raspberries between the layers and topped the cake like usual. Damn, it was good.

Raspberry Topped Chocolate Torte

Lily had requested Black Bean Quesadillas, which we shared with Erin, Hayden and Lucy. Maya, Lily, Shannon, Ben and a neighbour friend, Fiona helped sing Happy Birthday, eat cake and watch Lily open her few birthday presents!

Best birthday ever? Lily will tell you so.

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11 Responses to Nine

  1. k says:

    sounds like a fun celebration! we celebrated my sister’s birthday over the weekend and had a tasty cake too. that one look pretty darn good!

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing those songs, how sweet they are. Makes me all teary eyed thinking how lucky I am to have my babies!
    Happy birthday Lily, sounds like it was a wonderful day.
    And I’m totally making that cake.

  3. april says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Your photos are beautiful, Annie.
    Our babies do grow up fast.

  4. Shannon says:

    Just have to say….if anyone wants a damn good cake, make this one! It is one of the BEST pieces of cake I have ever had! Yum.

  5. Annie says:

    Thank you everyone! xx

  6. Dee says:

    Happy Birthday to her! The cake looks *so* good.

  7. Annie says:

    Thank you, Dee!

  8. Dawn Suzette says:

    Oh… how did I miss this here? So happy she had a very happy birthday. That cake looks over the moon yummy!

  9. Annie says:

    Thanks Dawn!!

  10. debra says:

    happy birthday to both of you!! we’ve got two round this time – ani’s 7th was today (getting over the flu – not very birthday-ish, but we’ll celebrate with food tomorrow!) and eliza turns (gulp) ten in a month…it’s all moving so quickly.

    papa’s borscht, vegan chocolate cake with strawberries and the decadent Dutch Baby are on the table tomorrow…

  11. Annie says:

    Thank you, Debra!! Don’t be sick, Ani. That’s no fun. I wonder if it’s super fun or a bit more work to have the girls birthdays so close together? Lily and Leif around about a month apart and it always feels like Lily’s birthday jumps up at us. 10 is a huge number. I can’t even imagine.

    xxmuch love!

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