I hate how long I left this post. Leif turned FIVE almost two weeks ago but I’ve been so behind on blogging.

Leif was terribly lucky this year to celebrate his birthday three times! With his Grandpa and Great Grandpa, his uncle, my aunt and uncle and cousin, Grammie and Great Grandma and lastly at home with his dad and some friends. We were celebrating Lucy’s first year and our friend Kim’s birthday at the same time.

We gathered at my house for a very interesting (to say the least) potluck of fresh made Sushi, Black Bean Quesadillas and Thai Curry Rice Bowl. You’d think we didn’t talk about what we’d make beforehand but I assure you we did. We had decided to throw caution to the wind and make whatever darn well pleased us.

I made Brownie Bites and Chocolate Quinoa Cake for dessert.

Black Bean QuesadillasFresh made SushiYum!Nom nom

Happy Birthday, Sir!

Happy 5 Birthday Leify!

My baby is truly not a baby anymore. I enrolled him in Self Design for the upcoming fall! It will be a little different than Lily’s first year since the province has implemented day long kindergarten. Even so, life only changes with me reporting each week for two kids instead of one and yet having both kids now “in school” kind of blows my mind.

Sam SamNumber 5 Birthday!Happy 5 Birthday Leify!Lily set the table with things she loves

Green is still Leif’s favourite colour and he still likes to follow his big sister around wherever she goes. He’s now riding his two wheeled bike and finding bits of courage inside himself now and then to try new things. Leif’s changed so much in the last year! Here are some images where you might see that change too.

UntitledLeifyTwo peas in a pod

Leify giving it a go

"I ain't afraid of a little rain"This boy and his facesLeify in the Rice glasses


Sneak PeekWorking togetherLOVING the apple cider


Silly facesGuess who's riding a two wheeler now?"It's a surprise, Mama!"


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13 Responses to Five

  1. Justine says:

    Lovely photos as usual. Miss you guys–been too long since we’ve got together. All the kids are growing up! And Beefy is one HANDSOME boy.

  2. Annie says:

    I miss you. Imagine how much fun travelling to Mexico together will be when the kids are even a bit older. They’ll be so capable and will enjoy it even more, I bet.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Gorgeous photos, Annie. They grow up so fast, don’t they? My daughter’s turning 16 in 5 days, it’s hard to fathom her being old enough to drive!
    We did Self Design for many years as well, it’s a great program.

  4. Kim says:

    Happy birthday to Leif! The photos of him are great… I see gentleness in his eyes (along with the wildness that all 5 year old boys have!). :)

    My son turns 4 in a few weeks and we’ve started thinking about his education. I’ve heard Self Design mentioned by a few homeschoolers, I’ll need to look into it!

  5. Annie says:

    They do grow up fast! Thank you, Cheryl.

    Thanks, Kim. Happy early birthday!

    Self Design is a great program… some of the time. The administration isn’t very professional or helpful and you often ask yourself where all the money the government gives them goes but it’s a way to get funding while home learning, so there you go. Oh, and I do love our learning consultant. She makes the program bearable.

  6. Cheryl says:

    That’s the main reason we left Self Design. I loved our LC, too, but the reporting was intense and repetitive. We’ve been with Island Discovery (islanddiscovery.ca) for the past four years and it’s much better. We still get the $1000, but only have to do 3 simple reports a year. They’re here on Bowen Island, but are a branch of New West Homelearners (and open to anyone in BC, I think).

  7. erin says:

    oh, the many faces of leif. i don’t think i’ve ever met a more physically expressive soul!

    yes, plans and caution should always be thrown to the wind…far into the wind! i’m all for sponteneity (just not spelling it). dinner sounded amazing, even though there would have been lots of extra sushi for y’all :) i would have been well fed with curry and quesas!

    SelfDesign is a great program for us, lots of changes seem to be afoot, and I’m hoping that translates to administratively too. i haven’t had alot to complain about, but i have heard a few who have, including you annie, and it seemed challenging to say the least. out of the others (DLs) to choose from, they are leaps ahead. our friends are very upset with lochiel here in langley…leaving to go to SD.

    it has been great seeing these photos again and i notice change too. it was so nice to see him unfolding and talking to us (especially Scott, a near stranger to him?) and so different than the year we first met him.

    saying it again, happy day and now, happy reflecting to you all :) xoxo

    miss you sweet mama xo

  8. erin says:

    oh, i just read your words cheryl, sounds like there is at least one other that is great too!! our friends used to be on bowen and have moved to cali (or will be soon) and i know they loved it too.

  9. Annie says:

    Cheryl- I will have to look into that! We’ve only ever been with SD and I haven’t looked into other funded options. Thank you!

    Oh we miss you too, Erin! Leif is finding himself less shy as he grows but I think it’s evident that he was feeling as comfortable and safe with you all as Lily and I. xx

  10. Erica McKay says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy, looks like he had a great day! It’s so odd to no longer have toddlers around, hey? Such a new world to have these capable, school-aged kids around, and I’m excited to think about the new adventures we can all do together. This winter had us all skiing together downhill, which was a sign of things to come!!!! Cheers, Erica

  11. Taisa says:

    Oh Leify, happy birthday sweet boy! I can see huge changes in him lately, Annie- he is such a big kid now! Big birthday smooches from all of us!

  12. Alda says:

    i just wanted to make a quick comment to say i’m glad i found your blog.

  13. Dawn Suzette says:

    So happy he had some wonderful Birthday celebrations!!!
    The photos you put together are a magical way to remember the last year.

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