I’d like to talk about kids music in another post but I really wanted to share this one song by Frances England that touched my heart listening to it this morning with Lily on the day she turns 6!

Click here to hear the song!

You & Me

You and me, happy as can be
Flying through the park on our bikes
On a Sunday afternoon

You and me, rolling on the floor
Practicing your somersaults, cartwheels,
You donkey kicks and more…

How did you grow so big overnight
How did you get so smart and bright
Yesterday you were asleep in my arms
Today you’re growing off the charts

I’m so proud of you

You and me, drawing pictures wild and free
While the paint goes flying,
Your big smile brightens up the room

You and me, reading books in bed
Your head on my shoulder,
You eyes on the pages ahead

How did you grow so big overnight
How did you get so smart and bright
Yesterday you were asleep in my arms
Today you’re growing off the charts

I’m so proud of you

Lily’s life has taken her many places. She’s lived in six homes in the six years she’s been alive! We’ve had a lot of different experiences and fun in every one!

One of the best places we lived was a summer at Fort Steele where we lived as caretakers. This was a real highlight for me! We helped out all over the 1890’s heritage town working in the main office, candy shop, interpretative home, interactive events and my favourite- the oldtime photo shop. In the down time we took a number of photos ourselves.

After a six months in Vancouver without dad (who was away at job training) we moved to Vancouver Island. Lily loves being crazy… obviously!

She’s adventurous! Lily was the first of her generation of our family’s kids to visit our property up north! She’s always eager to get out with dad for a day’s work.

Did I mention she’s a bit crazy? I don’t know where she got it from?

She and her brother love each other a great deal. For the most part they really get on well with each other. I think Lily enjoys having a full time playmate!

I love the way they entangle when sleeping together…

I can’t believe how fast she’s grown. Sometimes I’ve thought she was 5 going on 14.

Happy Birthday Lily! We love you!!

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15 Responses to Six

  1. Sophia Sunshine says:

    What a sweet tribute to Lily on her sixth birthday! And wow, so lucky to have lived in all these cool places and met so many interesting people. I hope you’ve been having fun celebrating!

  2. paxye says:

    Happy Birthday Lily!!!

    Wow… 6 !!!!!

    I have to say that I love that first picture… Cam looks so much like a new dad… a bit scared and completely in love…

    (I feel so bad that I *still* haven’t sent that box!!)

  3. greenteacher says:

    Happy Birthday Lily! Six years old…wow… Have a great day!

  4. Judy Roberts says:

    A beautiful poem, beautiful photos, a beautiful girl, a beautiful life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY!!!

  5. Kale and Sam says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!! From the gang :)

  6. Vanessa says:

    ah, happy birthday-

    a very sweet tribute- looks like you have a character on your hands ! :)

  7. Kyrie says:

    Happy Birthday Lily! Wow, six years old!

  8. Sarah says:

    Aww this made me cry, what a beautiful post!
    Happy Birthday Lily, hope you’ve all had a fab day.


  9. Happy Birthday, Lily!!

  10. I wasn’t thinking about you reading these comments out to Lily but you probably will so please send some (belated now) birthday wishes from me and Kevin now.

    I love that her birthday is the same as my little sisters. I’ll never forget:)

  11. ruralmamma says:

    Ohhh Happy Birthday to you sweet girl. I loved the post and the pictures.. shes amazing Annie, she sounds alot like my crazy girl. You must be so proud and sad of her growth all at the same time.. How do they get so big for real and smart oh my goodness smart. Just catching up xxo

  12. taimarie says:

    Happy Birthday Lily! And nice to find your blog- congrats on your new house… we are practically neighbours!

  13. lisa says:

    Happy happy birthday Lily! My little blondie will be 6 June 22…..oh my!

    I’m so sorry about the hives you have. Geez, I wonder what did it…..i just made a chickweed almond oil infusion, wish I was closer….would run it over to you. I hope you feel better SOON!!!

  14. louise says:

    happy birthday Lily *****

  15. sarah says:

    happy birthday Lily! she looks so much like your littlest guy when she was a baby! she’s gorgeous. i can see how much you love each other. hope you are recovering from your hives- xo

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