We’re privileged to have sunny days in our forecast right now. We decided to head out Friday afternoon for an early supper out at a local beach to jump the gun on the spring break crowd. It was warm enough to go barefoot and the sun felt so fantastic on our skin. We’re at a turning point in the year where I expect to see a lot more sun than we have so far this year.

Leading us to the beachA girl and her knifeHayden and KeithThe crane

Kep loves the beach!

While no one really talked about it, the evening was a bit bittersweet. Our dear friends are moving before the end of the month. We are all sad to see them go, but are hopeful they’ll enjoy their new home as much as they enjoyed living here. I’m especially sad to lose such friends that mark our lives (especially my children’s) in such a positive and thoughtful way.

Balancing with Kim

Evidence of past amusementI heart these precious times with friendsTide is heading out

Sitting around the fire, there were a couple varieties 0f hot dogs, bison burgers, chicken tikka masala, a green and a fruit salad, quinoa chocolate cake (which I need the recipe for) and crunchy cookies.

Fruit salad by the fire.

It was a whole lot beachy fun. The kids ran barefoot in and out of the tide line. Not since summer last year have the kids been able to run bare legged and sweater free. It can only get better from here.

Squealing with delightSam SamJumping for Joy

The next time we come to this beach for an evening supper over the fire, we may have a new baby with us! My dear friend is very nearly finished her second pregnancy. I can’t wait to meet this new little one.

Arriving friends

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3 Responses to Evening On The Beach

  1. Shannon says:

    Isn’t it great! This sunshine is MUCH needed. I am in full yard/garden trench digging burning mode, but we still snuck in an hour on a small patch of sand to feel the sun on our barefeet! Sounds like amazing beach food.

  2. Erin says:

    No bare feet yet, unless around the house counts…which is a sign of spring because normally our floors are cold! :)

    The boys have been dunking themselves in the creek though, three times today in fact, and then running over to the burn pile to keep warm:) We spent alot of time this weekend with our landowner, hanging out and enjoying he and his partner being back from their four months in India. The farm days are getting busier and longer with us outside more again, which I love.

    I’m sad that your friends are leaving, though it sounds like it will be great for them, in some ways. The beach is sounding like a wonderful way to say goodbye to friends and to greet new family members. Hoping your well and the sun keeps shining for you!! :)

    ~Erin xoxo

  3. dawnsuzette says:

    Sounds like a wonderful evening Annie. Sorry to hear that your friends are leaving town… hopefully for a wonderful journey on their end but it is sad to say goodbye to kindred spirits.
    We have no bare feet here just yet. The sun does have some much welcomed warmth though.

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