It’s not the rain that I hate so much right now but the lack of sun. Looking at pictures on flickr doesn’t help anything either, where I see beautiful winter scenes and sunny days! Right now we have classic Prince Rupert weather with rain-every kind and lots of it and dark clouds. It can easily look like dusk all day. Combined with dense fog and high winds that scarily shake the house and bend the windows makes for some pretty terrible weather.

Playing on the tracks with Oliver

Out for a walk at Kloiya BayOut for a walk at WantageThe view from the platform is framed in cedarsStripped Cedar

Despite it’s reputation, Prince Rupert weather isn’t always like this. It’s just that when it is weeks of rainy, stormy, foggy or dark all day, it can feel very dreary indeed. I need a little more sun in my life, but for now I’ll have to make this work for us. And that means getting outside and meeting it head on.

Walking the waterfront to downtown Prince Rupert

It seems counterintuitive to go out in such weather but it’s even more important after endless days of this kind weather. Not just to avoid cabin fever but to put fresh air in our lungs and to offer us a bit of appreciation for what this weather brings with it. The beautiful green lushness for one.

Foggy and misting rainCrab traps piling up on the waterfrontOne of the green belts right through townColour!

Watching The Fog Roll Back In

So I lay out our raincoats, toques, gloves and boots, along with the equally needed rain pants for all and we head out. Today we’re going to the library to return some books and swing by the grocery store for a couple forgotten items. I’m planning to take my camera but we’ll see just how wet it is before we set out.

The object for this week’s meal plan is to keep things simple but cater to my children’s tastes. One day my kids will think of these meals as “homey”, which I smile at because my version of “homey” meals are a lot different and a lot less interesting. I’m making:

I hope you are enjoying or making good use of whatever weather nature is gifting you right now. All the older photos added to this post of Prince Rupert at different times of the year. A good reminder to myself that I will see the sun again, hopefully sooner than later!

Morse Creek PondI love this view...Out my living room window

Big Trees in the green belt

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6 Responses to Rain Rain Go Away

  1. Debbie says:

    I totally agree – getting out regardless is so important.

    We’ve had weeks of gray and dark here too. Not to mention cold. *sigh* But we got out yesterday in the -22 C. weather and went for a gorgeous walk. The sun peeked out a bit and when we got home we both felt completely renewed. It was awesome.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. It seems like most of us are feeling a little run down with the lack of light. Remembering that “this too shall pass” is a good perspective to keep in mind. xoxo

  2. debra says:

    this rain is the payment for the reward of so much GREEN!! i wanted to tell you that i made the onions, greens and peanut sauce pizza last week and it was AWESOME. i could eat that on a regular basis…thank you!

  3. dawnsuzette says:

    Oh… I feel for you!
    We have been blessed with some bits of sun lately but there are weeks… or more that are just too gray and wet.
    I do have to remind myself… as you have just done… that the grass is green & trees so lush for this very wet reason. The other day (after a week or so without sun) I just had to visualize one of our white puffy cloud blue sky days of summer. I felt much better.
    But next year I am going to get us all waterproof “snow” gear.
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pics and thoughts!

  4. dawnsuzette says:

    I posted some rays for you on flickr…

  5. erin says:

    I really, really empathize with this post {{{hugs}}} I could have written it. Sometimes I catch myself bringing my camera on an outing, checking the sky and putting it away. Why bother, when unless I am to be in brilliant light (not normal for a PNW January,) I will just frustrate myself trying to compensate. But then I get to be more in the moment. I try to look for the silver lining in all that cloud.

    We find keeping the gear somewhat organized helps alot. Then, when I know where everything is, and can get to the soggy pieces whence we come back inside, sort it, hang it up and let it dry, we are good to go for the next round. So easy to do now that both boys are older. When I had a 5+1 or a 6+2, it was hard to remain motivated and committed to getting outside. It was so much work! But somehow we always managed, and now it is routine. I don’t ask that the kids pick things up, with 2 boy minds, it just isn’t coming together yet. So I pick up, hang up, dry out. Then there is peace, once I accept that.

    We live in a little valley. At this time of year, we are often shrouded by a high sort of fog, a low cloud I guess, and when we need to find sun, we drive up the big hill and move south or west and usually find it. Can you drive any distance and find the sunnier parts? Does that exist for you?

    Thinking of you, stay light and open, hopefully there will be less cloud later in your week! Our forecast is calling for more sun, hurrah!

    ~Erin x

  6. Jacinda says:

    The light will return as it slowly decreases here. I’m sitting here with just a towel around me after dunking myself in some cold water to cool off!
    Do, get outside when you can, when you can’t be gentle with yourself.

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