I love those moments when you get lost in what you’re doing, forgetting the time, what the weather is like outside and where you ‘should’ be in that moment instead. Bubbles continually do this for us. Lily and Leif both enjoy blowing them and I enjoy watching and popping them as they float by!

Getting lost in a moment of bubbles

I’m learning to fully embrace losing myself in a moment. It feels so marvellous in that moment and when I look back at pictures I took or remember the smiles on my kid’s faces, I feel that peacefulness all over again.


Sometimes though, I chide myself for forgetting about the dance class we are now late for or leaving the last few pieces of naan bread in the oven until they turn into large hockey pucks.


I suppose I should go easy on myself. As much as I’d like to try sometimes, I can’t always be on top of everything and be all things to all people.


So I’ll continue to let myself get lost in these precious shared moments with my kids and I think we’ll all be better off for them.

It’s a beautiful day outside today. I’m relishing in the sun and join Lily and Leif for a wander outside… I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday as well. Happy Irish Day!

3 Responses to Lost In Bubbles

  1. denise says:

    being present in the moment is much better than being chained to it. we love bubbles too. :)

  2. dawnsuzette says:

    We need to get lost in these moments more…. Things have been way to tense around here lately!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Bridie says:

    Yes, Happy Irish Day, indeed ; )


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