I meant to post this days ago but this week has been a bit crazy around here. Cam got off night shifts early Monday morning and after a sleep headed over to a friend’s to take their roof off and build a dormer. Prince Rupert is known as the “City of Rainbows” which is a charming way of saying ‘it rains here’, so when there’s a pocket of sun you have to make use of it. Since we hardly saw Cam during his days working we spent most of our time at our friend’s during his ‘off’. We’d walk over in the mornings and I’d drive home in the afternoons for Leif to nap and me to slam off a meal to bring back to share with our friends.

Hard at work (click any to see bigger):
Building a dormer before replacing the rest of the roofMattFunny Faces!Working hard

A Dormer Takes ShapeNewspaper InsulationBench Monday: Roofing Series

The moms were hard at work too:
Beautiful eyes!Moose BurgersTequila Salsa PizzaSneak peak at my crotchet box

The rest of the roof didn’t get even started before Cam had to go back to work but the dormer is waterproof and that’s what really matters. It literally started to rain about 10 minutes after they finished. It would have been a disaster if we had typical stormy weather while the roof was off, even with a tarp stapled down. The roof that didn’t get torn off and replaced will happen in stages over the coming days off and weather permitted.

Anyhow, we ate some good food this week but I’m still in the middle of my plan:

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2 Responses to Building Dormers and my Weekly Meal Plan

  1. So excited about this….I have planned…..
    Your Buddha Bowl, Potato and cauliflower samosas and your tortillas! Can’t wait to cook!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this. The lentil spread sounds interesting!
    I’m also making falafel, here’s my favorite falafel recipe…..http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Jeanies-Falafel/Detail.aspx

    Lisa :)

  2. Tanis says:

    Wow!! Sounds amazing, I will try and make one of these when we get home from vacation!

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