We went for a short walk at Kloiya Bay today. We had to leave earlier than we wanted and now I’m really looking forward to going back. We didn’t see nearly enough!

Kloiya Bay

Just minutes out of town makes it easy to come and explore. The trail we walked down obviously gets covered with sea water when the tide is up. It’s slippery and slimy with algae.

We found this dead pink salmon up on the pathway. I wonder what carried it up there and why the fish wasn’t finished. Surprisingly, Oscar wasn’t interested in eating it either and thankfully he wasn’t inclined to roll in it as well. Maybe not foul enough for that pursuit?

Dead Humpy

I’ve never seen so many different mushrooms before. I would love to go back just to try and photograph them all!

Too many mushrooms to capture!

Interesting purple mushrooms

What do you think this is? A closed anemone?

It’s attached to a piece of metal.

The next time we go out, I’m going to take a couple bags with us to pick up garbage. Unfortunately this place is littered all over. Perhaps it’s just too close to town and accessible or it may be thanks to the clients of the kayaking company that works out of this space. Sad that they wouldn’t work to keep it as pristine as possible…

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6 Responses to Kloiya Bay

  1. These are beautiful pictures. What a neat place to play!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Lovely photos!
    Oscar sounds like a smart dog – Princess would have rolled in it for sure. ;D

  3. natalie says:

    You take such lovely photos. I was reminded of Prince Rupert’s weather today. On Gabriola, we had sunshine and blue skies which changed quickly to torrential rain but it was back to sunshine again. Then drizzle too. I loved that about Prince Rupert… never all day overcast!

    Yes, I think it is a Plumose anemone but on a piece of metal?


  4. Nosualcy says:

    Beautiful area! We will not likely be able to visit the area for some time.
    When we were in Mexico (we were in a very remote part of southern Mexico on the Caribbean side) there were miles of completely deserted beaches – and completely covered in trash. It turned out that most of it came from the currents. A lot came out of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, and much of it came across the oceans. Similar to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
    Little or none of it was from the local people.
    Hopefully, the kayaking company takes care of it and educates their clients in the care of the environment.

  5. debbie says:

    so so beautiful!!! i wish we could join you for a walk!

    could that be a moon snail? i suppose you’d be able to tell if it were – just looks that way to my rusty eye (haven’t been out that way for a while).

    we made your awesome tortillas today for the first time – WOW. i wish they would taste as good without the butter!!! they’ll be good for a treat now and then though…thank you!

  6. Idzie says:

    Your photography is absolutely STUNNING!! Love it.


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