We’ve been in Gabriola Island the last few days helping out with our friend’s move to their property. Their house is still being built but they’re going to be living in our trailer for the summer until it’s finished. 

Heading over on the ferry and watching Nanaimo get further away:

We’ve still had time in between the moving and unpacking to explore with the kids.

Signs of spring everywhere:

Wearing flowers in her hair just like our friend Dani!

Another sign of spring is seeing the ants getting to work. You can carefully rustle (without damaging the pile) the ant hill and smell the formic acid they release. You can also put a tissue on the pile before you do this for the purposes of seeing this acid as it wets the tissue.


Talking about ants got us looking up interesting information on them here.

Here’s a little clip of Oscar hunting for mice. He actually dug quite the trench here. He’d dig, put is head right down, listen, smell and then dig some more. It’s no surprise he isn’t as hungry when we come home from this mice ridden property!

Bye bye winter higgelty piggelty rental house. 


Tomorrow we’re looking forward to heading into Errington for a show being put on for kids by friends. It’s been a busy week being away from home. Can’t wait to do more catching up with my blog reading this weekend!

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  1. lisa says:

    I love the tissue idea on the ant hill. We will try this, that is amazing ant footage by the way! We LOVED watching Oscar, watched it numerous times! Oscar reminds me of our dog Sophie digging for moles and chipmunks. Beautiful spring pictures and I loved the daffodil in Lily’s hair! Happy Spring!

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