I was putting together a package for a friend that just had her first baby recently and Lily wanted to add something to the parcel. I had to take a picture before I put it in. Apparently these are pictures of my friend when she had her baby. Where do they get these things?! Too many movies perhaps. Ha!

  1. My friend in the hospital after the baby is born. He’s been taken away from the mother. (!!)
  2. Baby coming back to mother. (Oh thank goodness)
  3. Baby sleeping with mother. (Aww…)
  4. The new family leaving the hospital (ha ha ha)

My friend did have her baby in the hospital but that wasn’t something we talked about. Why I find this a bit funny? Because I had my last baby at home and that’s the way we’ve always talked about birth. She’s seen a lot of birth videos and read books with birth, all happening at home and mostly uc births. Anyway, I thought this was pretty cute.

5 Responses to New Baby From Lily’s Perspective

  1. These drawings are so cute… I have one from four years ago that shows me pregnant with a baby in my belly, made by our (than) four years old son.
    Overhere it is normal to give birth at home (we live in the Netherlands) and so I had our four children all born at home. The midwife was with me and a nurse, also after birth I got a nurse at home for a half day, for 7 days. The midwife came to vissit too. It is so lovely to give birth at home, but as we have the hospital close by, it was an easy desission. Ofcource there are many woman that think it’s better to give birth at the hospital. But there you got a much higher risk in getting infections and ceserian and so. I was cut with the first two, and sticht, but the last two went smoothly. Al births took between 10 and 12 hours. In our opinion it is the best way for us to give birth!! When our youngest was born at zeven o clock in the morning, all the other kids stil slept upstairs. So, my husband had to wake them up and told them that they had a very little suprise for breakfast!!

  2. Annie says:

    How lovely a system you have in the Netherlands, where you get the nursing support for a whole week! That’s amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, mama!

  3. greenteacher says:

    That’s adorable! I find it absolutely fascinating to see how kids have constructed a certain reality in their heads!

  4. Anyone I know? That’s so funny that Lily would have picked up the details of a hospital birth – a little like her own, no?

    That’s so cool that she contributed drawings for your package. I especially like the big grin in the last photo and some of the unique traits of her people – they’re all legs! I definitely hope her people stay that way

  5. Annie says:

    I love knowing how Lily sees things without our direct influence.

    I think it’s funny they’re all missing hair. She did another picture recently in the same vein and said “oh, no hair?” and she seemed to be surprised it wasn’t there and added it. I think she focuses on certain parts of what she sees and not so much on others. It’s interesting.

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