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It often seems like emphasis is put on things about parenting and life that would be better off relaxed. Rather, the bigger picture which is what, imo, parents should be considering.

When I think about the big picture and my job as a parent, I consider the end result. I want my children to become compassionate and patient individuals. I want them to have a wide variety of life experience and enjoy many activities outside and have an incredible love for learning. I want them to be relaxed, centred and confident.

In the big picture, I couldn’t care less if my children went to sleep at a specific time every night or how many naps for how long throughout the day. It shouldn’t be important that our children say obligatory and insincere please or thank yous, and whether or not they know how to read and write properly by the age of six or any other culturally imposed deadlines. It doesn’t really matter how many exact grams or kilograms a baby might gain if they are obviously happy and thriving. “Well Baby” visits are overrated since a parent will know if their child is thriving or not. In the long run, I’ll be glad I didn’t waste my time trying to make my child detach from me and overemphasise independence.

To help my children achieve all that I hope for them, I need to model the traits I hope they will emulate, like compassion, consideration, resourcefulness, creativity, adaptability… I need to offer them experiences to help them build on their natural instincts and make them eager for new experiences.

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  1. Too funny! I have a few of those drafts and that’s what I went with yesterday. I felt the need to post something and since a few posts had passed since the last bath bomb one I decided the timing was perfect. I like how you explain your ways – it makes sense to me from where I’m standing and is kind of how I view work some days… that’s not quite as accepted but I’m working on it.

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