Paxye shared one of the simple bread recipes she uses and the following tutorials to assist me in my need for last minute supper bread. I don’t always love a “white” bread but this was nice with the plainer stew I made that night. I’ve learned so much in making this bread!

  1. Warm bowl under hot water. Add 2 cups warm water, 2.25 tsp yeast, 1 tbsp honey or brown sugar. Proof yeast on warm spot.
  2. Mix in slowly about 3 cups of all purpose flour (you’ll really have to see what it feels like- the last time I ended up with only 2.5. I would normally go for an earlobe type feel but this time I went with a more sticky feel in the dough), 1 tsp salt and 2 tsp olive oil.
  3. Check out the videos below for thoughts on kneading/rising/baking techniques. I used a variety of what I saw and just went with how the bread felt in the moment. I didn’t rise the bread quite so many times as Elton Brown suggests.

Starting to rise:

About to go into the oven to preheat and rise one more time:

All done! This bread was so moist and delicious with our Quinoa and Bean Stew!


A video: The Technique: Sweet Dough

Another great recipe which follows the above video.

Many handy tips in Elton Brown’s video on making bread:

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3 Responses to Supper Bread

  1. Katherine says:

    Hey, that looks just like a recipe my husband makes. Its a traditional Cuban bread. Fast and yummy. We often marvel, how many subtle variations of wheat, salt, water, oil, sugar, and yeast can produce so many different kinds of bread. THanks for sharing.

  2. Amy says:

    This bread looks delicious, I’ll have to try it soon. Thanks for posting it!

  3. lisa says:

    I will have to try this recipe. I love Good Eats, best cooking show there is. I have it set to record on my DVR everyday, the girls and I watch together. We learn so much from Alton. Thank you for sharing this.

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