Lily is 10!

I feel like I’m always bowled over by my kids getting older. But seriously, this time… Double digits. Ten years ago I became a mother. I’m sorry but this is kind of astounding to me.

It’s a tradition that we sing Frances England’s You and Me every year on Lily’s birthday as the words are so apt.

Blowing Glitter

Click here to hear the song!

You & Me

You and me, happy as can be
Flying through the park on our bikes
On a Sunday afternoon

You and me, rolling on the floor
Practicing your somersaults, cartwheels,
You donkey kicks and more…

How did you grow so big overnight
How did you get so smart and bright
Yesterday you were asleep in my arms
Today you’re growing off the charts

I’m so proud of you

You and me, drawing pictures wild and free
While the paint goes flying,
Your big smile brightens up the room

You and me, reading books in bed
Your head on my shoulder,
You eyes on the pages ahead

How did you grow so big overnight
How did you get so smart and bright
Yesterday you were asleep in my arms
Today you’re growing off the charts

I’m so proud of you

This might have been Lily’s favourite birthday yet. Her best friend Lily V came to stay with us for the weekend but the birthday excitement actually started weeks before.

With all the work going into finishing the house for sale, I was worried about what Lily’s birthday would look like. I’d likely be looking to celebrate her birthday out at a park or otherwise away from my sparkling clean house. It’s hard to plan outdoor events though here because they often get rained out! Luckily our dear friend Kim thoughtfully stepped in and helped Lily plan an amazing birthday party. She even offered to host it at her house to safe me the grief! Thankfully our house was sold by her birthday and the party could resume here and it was a steller sunny day to boot!

Lily's Crazy Hat Crazy Lady Tea Party

A plan for a Crazy Hat Crazy Lady Tea party was then in the works. Lily made invitations and worked on a crazy hat for her big day. Lily’s hat had moss, flowers, fake birds and peacock feathers attached to it. Also planned was the cake (Chocolate Quinoa), music (Frances and Sarah), games (charades…), a photo booth and pop and mentos explosion.


So many great friends came to celebrate with us and we all had a wonderful time. Man, we are going to miss these friends when we move. We’ve done it before when we moved from the Kootenays and then from the island and it doesn’t get any easier. Our time in Prince Rupert has been our longest stay in one place in many years and my heart aches when I think of leaving it. I know the friendships don’t end when we move but I’ll miss seeing these good people as often as I do.


Lily, Averil, Lily, Gwen and Caterina Super hero

Caterina and Averil

Lily and Gwen

This weekend was also the weekend the carnival came to town. You might remember our first experience with the travelling carnival last year. Last year, we used a coupon for three rides for each child which seems laughable to me now. How careful I was about keeping the rides to that minimum! Perhaps at the time it made sense and didn’t have everything to do with my own motion sensitivity issues? Hopefully not. Hopefully Lily simply wasn’t as daring last year.

Best Friends Forever

This year both Lilys bought a wrist band allowing them on any and all rides for the day. I baulked at the exorbitant price but very quickly was ashamed of my resistance because it was exactly the right choice for my little daredevil. Those wrist bands were paid for in the first hour we were there.



(click on the above picture to see a shot of Lily’s face the first go around on this ride. Once you click, then scroll down.)

I was motion sick just watching them line up for all the rides! A few of them the girls went on back to back without getting off. The ride operators were for the most part friendly, perhaps a bit too friendly at times, once coming over to chat me up while the line up stood and stared at us. Scandalous!

Was this their ninth or tenth time on this ride?

I can’t say I was sorry to see the carnival go, even when I think of the fierce joy shining out of both Lilys faces. All the noise, and people were really over stimulating but the carnival only comes once a year. Might as well enjoy it.


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9 Responses to Ten

  1. Kim says:

    What fun memories! Prince Rupert won’t be the same without your family, you will be very missed.

  2. Annie says:

    We’ll miss you too… but then we plan to come back to visit often and you’ll have to visit us too. xx

  3. Jennifer says:

    Will miss you and your family so much. I wish we could keep you a bit longer.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ok, so I just clicked on the back button of your blog and went through a sort of reminiscence thing looking at your last year or so backwards. You live an incredible life and what a gem your blog is to capture life’s precious moments! It makes me want to spend as much remaining time with you and your family as possible before you leave. I don’t want to miss out on anything.

  5. Annie says:

    We’re going to miss you, Jen! I still remember friending you on facebook, knowing who you were but not having ever met. You knew me even less than that! I just knew I wanted to know you. You have done a lot for the community and I wanted to be involved too. I’m glad you friended me back, even though I likely seemed like a weirdo with the message I sent with my friending, because it gave us the chance to get to know each other better. You’re a good friend. xx

  6. Lynn says:

    Such an emotional mixture of feeling excited for you as you move closer to your dreams, and sad to see you go. We’ll all be looking forward to the times when you come back, and when we see you on your new turf. I’m so glad we met!

  7. Annie says:

    I’m glad we met too, Lynn. I just wish we’d got to know each other better sooner. You’re someone worth knowing and holding close. I hope that our friendship will grow even with the distance. xx

  8. Justine says:

    Been so long since I’ve been to your blog. So nice to get a glimpse of your life again. Beautiful pictures as always. I feel pangs–missing having you guys in my life. xoxo

  9. Annie says:

    I miss you all the time. Damn you and your aversion to a colder climate! I suppose you’d say the same thing about me and my aversion to anywhere close to the city and bigger populations. Hot place 2013 or 2014?

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