The travelling carnival came to town.

Long lines

I’ve never been a fan of the carnival, to which the simple word “gross” usually comes to mind.


This was the first year I went with my children since Lily had been gifted some tickets. Before deciding to go, we talked about the fact that I was worried there would be much disappointment if they couldn’t go on all the rides because they either weren’t the right size or it was too expensive, as these things often are. We came to the understanding that we’d wander around the fair first and prioritise their favoured rides before getting on any.

Didn't know what to expect

I thought we’d be in and out with one ride but instead Lily and Leif each went on three.

Ferris Wheel

Even I went on a ride. I felt somewhat sideways and ill afterwards but I also felt a bit proud. Lily couldn’t go on without an adult and with Cam at home sleeping for a nightshift I had to GTFOI and go on with her. Having a friend offer to watch Leif removed all the excuses I could muster.

We have to go up there?!

I suppose the carnival wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but at the same time I wasn’t surprised to see the disgusting behaviour that often comes along with these gaudy events. Cutting in line, pushing and shoving, people getting drunk, fighting between locals and carnies and carnies trying to pick up local girls.

Wicked fun!

Perversely, I want to go back, if only to see if I can better my own photos. After the fact, I was inspired by what other local photographers were able to capture of the carnival.

What I saw from up so high

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  1. Dawn Suzette says:

    I totally understand on all counts. Love. Love. the shot of Lily!

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