We went for a mucky hike this week in search of a sauna built into the side of a tree! We didn’t know what we’d find when we were hiking the trail. Maybe nothing at all?

Following the trail

Or maybe something incredible!

Leif and Lily packed their own packs for this hike. Leif had his rain coat, rain pants, pliers and knife. Lily packed a swim suit for some just-in-case saunafication along with her rain gear.


The hidden and hushed sauna was there and sits next to a lovely meandering creek and lush mossy beds all around.

It was worth the muddy hike

Hidden Sauna

At first glance, we were wowed and then as we got closer we were feeling really let down. It looked like the place had been ransacked by beasties with bits of plastic, a strewn first aid kit and random flip flops all about. The telltale sign of beer and cheap liquor bottles suggest that it was a drunken free for all that made such a mess. A shame because the sauna looks well supplied apart from being extremely unappealing in it’s current shape. Next time I’ll know to bring garbage bags with me for a bit of clean up.


Where they meet

3 Responses to Mucky Hike

  1. k says:

    too bad – it seems like it could be a real treasure hidden in the trees!

  2. erin says:

    gorgeous paths there, and yes to garbage bags, we do that too. good on you guys.
    i love how leif prepares and packs his pack …those pliers and the knife, i think he usually has those! and i love the hope lily had of sauna-ing. maybe next visit? so is it wood stove heated? stuart and barb went to hotsprings up around pemberton for vera’s spring break, sloquet hot springs. do you have those near you guys?

  3. Annie says:

    It is wood heated and I’d love to go back prepared to clean up and give it a try. There are some hotspring around here but they all take a bit of work to get to. Oh, how I love hot springs!

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