Leif was born six years ago today (I wrote this last friday)! He was born in the wee hours of the morning. You can read his birth story here.

I still think about that night that Leif was born. From the moment I started to think that my labour was impending and preparing to give birth to him on my own at home, to the slow, intense 3 hours I laboured him during his birth, to welcoming my only son to our lives.

He changed me. He healed me.

I’m reminiscing tonight and want to share some of my favourite photos of Leif.

Leif less than a day old and and waking up next to his sister always eager to make him smile.

Leif Pleased that Leif finally woke up!

About 7 months old sitting and playing with wooden fruit while I make supper. Nursing pillow behind and pillows in front!


Newly walking. (sorry about my voice!)

Trying to get up on the counter and a picture Paxye took when she visited us on the island of Cam and Leif walking on a log. This is how my kids dressed growing up and being ec’d always in t-shirt, one wet pants and baby legs!

Leif Daddy and Leify up high

Spending time with friends on Gabriola and exploring Prince Rupert after our move.

Broom Busting Hitching a ride

Spending time with dad and new playmobil and being my second shooter when making another empathy poster.

Playing with a playmobil chainsaw Second Shooter

Always with the faces and being silly!

Untitled My crazy son


But sometimes just being himself.

Leif with his baby, "Lily" Leify the Beefy


Celebrating Imbolc in style

Eating lunch together

Feeling shy.

A little snack before supper Leify

Having a bath at the cabin and showing me what I always look like with a camera on my face!

Bath Time Facebox face!

Dress up!

Wonder Boy! Roar!

Sweet and Serious Birdie Leif

Pilot Work Man

Visiting Oona River and showing some excitment!

Leify Untitled

Sometimes Leif is a bad guy and sometimes a rock star!

Bad guys! Untitled

Time spent on Kitson Island and Lucy Island!

Leif hanging in the huge net hammock Playing with fire

Fishing with Dad.

Fishing with Dad

Bonfire at the cabin.

Evening bon fire

So peaceful when asleep and with his best sister, Lily.

1.365 Over the dam

So curious!



We received exciting news that our good friends gave birth to a baby girl the day before and of course our friend Kim’s birthday is shared with Leif. It’s so wonderful to celebrate these birthday’s together every year!

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8 Responses to SIX

  1. Jennifer says:

    You have the cutest kids!
    I love the range of expressions on Lief’s face. I wonder if he’ll be into drama or acting? He can convey so much with subtle changes in his face. I bet he’d be really good at it.

  2. Bridie says:

    What a beautiful, touching tribute to Leif – it is wonderful to really be seen, if you know what I mean.  
    SO many special shots.  I especially like the one where he is in the green shirt reading (I think) “Chatham”.  
    I hope he had a wonderful birthday.

  3. Annie says:

    Thank you!

    You know, he’s been so shy most of his life, I’d think that drama outside of close acquaintances wouldn’t be likely BUT as he comes out of his shell more and more, as he has over the years, I think that it is possible. He and Lily both are so expressive and silly. It’s another thing I’m going to miss when we move from Prince Rupert, the excellent Harbour Theatre. We’ll have to find something similar where we move!

    We have a lot of relatives in Chatham, Ontario on my Dad’s side. My Grandpa, Dad and Shane have visited there a number of times and brought back shirts once. That photo was taken at Diana Lake one day. I love it too and I love his smile. I can see a progression in my photography too when I look at these shots, although some aren’t translating to a small size when it comes to quality which is weird.

    He had a wicked birthday that I must share soon. We had a surprise party he hadn’t expected at all!! xx

  4. Grammie says:

    As Bridie said, a beautiful tribute to your son. I’m looking forward to hearing of the surprise birthday party and all it entailed!

  5. Lynn says:

    “He changed me. He healed me.” Loved that.
    Happy birthday Leif! A surprise birthday part sounds awesome!

  6. Annie says:

    Thank you! It was so awesome and I’ll share the pictures soon. My hands and arms are covered in paint these days and I’m not making the time to upload all my images!

  7. Taisa says:

    Oh Leify- you are the best! Happy birthday sweet boy!
    I love your photos, Annie. The “bad guy” one made me laugh out loud.
    Big hugs to you guys,

  8. Tabitha says:

    Oh, Annie, what a beautiful reflection! How incredibly blessed he is to have been born to such an amaaaaazing mama! Been thinking of you so much the past few weeks…hope the preps for moving are going well. Xoxo

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