Once and a while our weather forecast reads the opposite as many of our friend’s living elsewhere. We’ll have sun and they’ll have our usual dreary grey weather. The last week has been one of the those times. We have been soaking up as much of the sun as we can! The kids have been living outside, grudgingly coming in for meals and sleeping. I only wish I were a bit more free with my time to be outside as much as they are. Working on our house to sell it is taking up a lot of our time!

Diana Lake mirror

We took our bikes out to Diana Lake with friends to enjoy the sunny afternoon some days ago. Even with the sun shining, we still had to pack toques, mitts and firewood. It’s still early March in Northern BC and quite chilly, especially when the sun goes behind a cloud. We even had to ride through a few patches of snow before getting to the lake.

Riding bikes to Diana Lake, no biggie

Once we got to the lake the sun warmed us enough to take shoes off and dip toes in the lake.

We rode through snow to get here

We took the afternoon slow. Cooking lunch, eating cookies and snacks, riding push bikes, launching logs into the water, climbing trees, building with sand and chatting with friends…

Cookies all round Playing by the water

I mostly just sat around when I wasn’t clicking my camera.


Diana Lake

We had to leave before the sun went down or it would have been a truly cold ride back to the truck.

Riding out before the sun goes down Mirrored

We had to take a few minutes though to take a few pictures over the damn and by the river.

Over the dam


And chat a bit while we loaded our bikes back in our trucks. What a great day!

Loved the ride back Smooooosh

4 Responses to Soaking Up The Sun

  1. Zane says:

    Such incredibly beautiful photos, Annie! I’m glad you are out enjoying the sun: soak some up for us, please!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day!!!!! Love the pictures : )

  3. k says:

    what a stunning day to explore. you got some great shots. we’ve had some sun here too, although today is back to the usual grey and chilly.

  4. Annie says:

    Thank you all! xx

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