Foggy Morning

I love these mornings. Foggy. Cool. Quiet. Peaceful. Especially quiet when the little ones are reading Tundra comic books. My Lily is reading more and more these days. This trip reading to little Lily and Leify with unconditional assistance with harder words from Maya helped a great deal.


Floating the river with so many giggly kids is fun, although I was a bit embarrassed each time we passed a fisherman up to his waist in the river. I hope we didn’t scare their fish away! We passed many fishing this day; the water was so clear and shallow. The kids were eager to get wet in the waves and “tough” water as Leif called it. Cam was happy to oblige.

"Tough" Water!

A dolly varden was caught for supper this night. Nice. We stopped along the way to fish and check for animal tracks in the mud. Our campfire was lit Oona style, with a flare. The fire was so hot it was GREEN. All our collected damp wood was happy to burn in that fire.

Nice one! Looking for tracks in the mud

 You can click on the below picture to see a series of Cam casting.

Fishing along the way

I don’t know anyone that can cook (and bake!) such incredible fare, regardless of the conditions, as my friend Shannon. Whether we’re on a very remote, unnamed beach or she’s cooking for a ginormous group of working men and their families (while also working some with the men),  Shannon delivers something amazing.

We both brought meals for this weekend but Shannon’s were much more noteworthy with mine being safe, easy to make meals like Daal (Ben says “but not dull”) and chilli. The first night we ate roast chicken with fresh picked high bush cranberry sauce. She made ridiculous buttermilk pancakes (that she “just threw together”) and a killer lasagne with fresh noodles. What about Pear Caramel Pie with home made crust? No biggie. Not for Shannon. Might as well make two.

High Bush Cranberries Pear Caramel Pie

Pear Caramel Pie

I practiced my photography skills and had a super time doing it.


The river rose enough that the beach was almost completely gone. Untitled

Outhouse The view from here

There was water colour painting, reading and drawing. The kids worked hard to entertain the adults each evening with singing and dancing shows. My Lily was so happy to learn the words to Rolling In The Deep and Call Me Maybe and Shannon’s Lily came up with beautiful, unique songs to share with us. The Lily’s danced and Maya and Leif did frightening acrobatics. Leif was the star of his own drama, acting out as lava pouring down the mountain (and on to unsuspecting villagers- Lily and Lily).

I'll paint YOU, Mama! Shannon painted a beautiful water colour of the view

We had some incredible weather this weekend. The kids were flying in the wind as it pushed the clouds away. Ben and Cam took them for a walk while Shannon and I read and just sat quietly. The sun and wind on our faces was so refreshing.

Blowing away the clouds

Precious solitude

I plan to write more about it but this little corner of the world is being threatened by gas pipeline proposals wanting to take gas to the coast. Aside from the many serious issues with “natural” gas, a disturbing fact that no one should forget is that these same gas pipelines could also pipe dirty tar sands bitumen if they so chose to pump it through. They do this already with other gas pipelines. This could be a back door for getting dirty tar sands oil to the coast, over thousands of our precious waterways and rugged wilderness. More on that soon.

I just can’t tire of this view.


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11 Responses to Cabin In The Fall

  1. Dawn Suzette says:

    Thanks for sharing your days Annie. So many things in this post made me smile.

  2. jenny says:

    I’m just in love with your cabin, and the experiences you have there seem otherworldly. And how lovely to have friends who can feed you so well! I have a hard time believing anything you brought wasn’t equally impressive. Happy fall!

  3. Kirsten says:

    take me with you! I’m in love… especially with that pie.

  4. Justine says:

    I’m so lucky to have been to this place with you once, but it was all too brief. Would love to revisit some day and just sit and drink it in quietly.

  5. erin says:

    i would have loved those evening performances, especially leif as lava, oozing down a mountainside. not to be taken lightly! what a gorgeous place, i can only imagine the calm and clarity that fills you while there. shannon, your dishes and the pie looked and sounded so amazing!! thanks for writing this annie, i know it’s so busy for you! xo

  6. Annie says:

    I know we are so lucky to have this incredible place.

    Thank you, Dawn, Jenny and all. xx

    Kristen- I was in love with that pie too! Mmm…

    Justine- It was too brief. Our time there was my first in the spring. I fell in love with going to the cabin then too. I can’t wait for this spring at the cabin.

    Erin- Leif was incredible as lava- frightening as well!

  7. Kim says:

    Just beautiful! All of it; the photographs, the scenery, the memories being made with your children, etc. Just absolutely beautiful!

  8. Annie says:

    Thanks, Kim! xx

  9. Shannon says:

    I love seeing the picture of me reading, sitting there above that amazing view, for a whole hour reading in the sunshine was heaven. And I agree—the food you made was equally amazing, in fact I am here right now looking for your not-dull-daal recipe to eat tonight. It was SO good. And that foccacia is one of our favorites now, but it was not NEARLY as good when we made it here. I love reliving fun trips with you guys through your blog posts, and this is no exception. That was such a great weekend.

  10. Beautiful life! Gorgeous shots and what wonderful folks.

  11. Annie says:

    Shannon- It was such a lovely weekend. Thank you for coming!

    Thank you, Stacy! xx

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