Forget Me Not

I thought I’d leave a little trail of random crumbs from my life these days. A little of this and that. Like the teeny tiny bouquet of forget-me-nots that Leif picked for me the other day.

Or watching Lily eat Black Bean Quesadillas for lunch while listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s “Be Ok” on the new to her ipod touch. A gift from her Grammie. She closed her eyes and danced while she sat and ate. You can click here to see her grooving.


I’ve been playing around a lot with panoramas. Learning as I go. As usual. This is the Skeena River.

The Skeena River

Of course I snapped a self portrait before hoping back in the truck before heading home. Erin’s truck is so shiny. I look a bit strange.

Truck Reflection SP

I marvelled at Lily’s patience and care in writing to her missed friend. You can click on the picture to read her letter.

Dear Madeline...

What are photo crumbs without a picture of something tasty? This is a variation of the recipe Black Bean and Yam Burritos made by my friend. The kids helped make the tortillas and they turned out kids sized so we ate them open faced. Yum.

Open faced bean and yam burrito on a homemade tortilla

5 Responses to Crumbs

  1. k says:

    a wonderful trail of crumbs i think, a sweet snippet into things in your life.

  2. Annie says:

    Thank you, Kristy! xx

  3. erin says:


    i love these bits, more words to accompany your images always makes me feel good. i called today, you were out. thinking of you all :) xo

  4. Taisa says:

    I love all these crumbs!That shot of the skeena is incredible, Annie! and I love that picture of Lily grooving. I am curious to see how you find Rosetta Stone- I’ve been thinking lots about french resources. hugs, Taisa

  5. Annie says:

    Thank you, both!

    Taisa- we should chat about Rosetta Stone. We decided to wait out the summer before starting so we can focus a bit more and not be always thinking about being outside! I’ve very excited to get started though! It looks like it will be incredible.

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