When we arrived home last Wednesday evening from our trip I went straight away to unpacking. I’d had a message from friends inviting us to go out on the boat the next day to drop some crab traps and enjoy a picnic lunch at Dodge Cove. I had to pack the night before and take care with my packing since the weather forecast was uncertain.

In the Harbour

The weather proved to be temperamental as expected! It was sunny and warm as we were leaving the house in the morning and by the time we got to the boat launch, seven minutes later, I was needing to fish our rain pants from my pack. The boat was launched and we were heading out into the harbour and we were then almost hot in our rain gear. The weather progressed like this for the rest of the day.

Off to Dodge CoveFocused on the push bikePuddle jumping

We had a fire on the beach. We explored under rocks and while the tide was low. Found pretty rocks and the first dead crabs of the year. A couple times I had to adjust the position of the garbage bags protecting my backpack and camera bag from the intermittent rain.

First dead crabby of the year

LucyLeifMaking lunch over the fireThis way or this way

Kim was awarded the World Heavy Weight Wrestling Champion! Ah, the things that wash ashore. There is a massive tree root mass that the residents attach the beached items to. It’s quite incredible. (click on the below picture to see it.)

Heavy Weight Champion

We walked the short road spanning the length of Dodge Cove before heading back on the boat to go home. Sam needed a sleep in the stroller and Lucy in the Beco. It was a great time for us to catch up with Kim, who moved away and was only back for a visit.


The roadJust starting to bloom

The walk also gave my friends, Erin and Kim a chance to laugh at my photography antics. I suppose I did look a little silly lying on my stomach half in the wet ditch to capture some beautiful crocuses, especially to the local that drove by on his quad. Thank goodness for a raincoat, rain pants and gum boots. I think this picture was worth the effort. Don’t you?


Layers of garden, house, ocean and Prince Rupert beyond

It was blowing freezing cold rain as we ran down the long and exposed pier back to the boat. All the way I was protecting my camera in my raincoat and trying to pull Lucy’s hood down over her face. Once I caught up to Leif, I had to carry him and the push bike to hurry us along.

WooseyQuite rough for the harbourUntitled

We saw further evidence of that wind in the harbour as we were heading home. The wee ones stayed cozy in the cuddy cabin, occasionally poking their heads out to say hello.


Many ships anchored in the harbour

When we got back to Prince Rupert we enjoyed the close company of a few harbour seals. There were five or six a stone’s throw from the dock but only one really came close. He was happy to snag the halibut head bait from our crab traps and was waiting for more. What a treat to see him so close! I took a ton of great photos of this seal but narrowed it down to just a few. Click on the picture of the harbour seal to see the others.

CrabbieKim and Sam watching the harbour sealsOne last look for Sam, Hayden and Kim

Harbour Seal

Watching harbour seals

All in all it was a wonderful day.

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3 Responses to Sun And Rain.

  1. k says:

    looks and sounds like lots of fun, despite that oh-so-typical west coast weather. so many great photos you got!

  2. Annie says:

    Thanks, K! The weather certainly can change quickly on the west coast. It’s something I love about it, even if I have to pack for all seasons when enjoying it.

  3. Dawn Suzette says:

    What a neat trip.
    I really need to find a friend with a boat around here. There are some great spots we need to get out to around here too! Need Boat!
    Yes. The picture was worth any crazy looks from folks on quads driving by!!!

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