Seems we made it into the paper this week regarding the Art Bin Project we were a part of. I had to share the link to the online version of the article here. If only Leif took the shirt out of his mouth! Ha!

In the news

Lily, 5, and Leif, 1, got in touch with their artistic sides Saturday as they painted garbage cans as part of the South End Community Association’s Trashy Art Bin Day.

Artsy Cans Help Cleanup Efforts

The Loan Gallery on Victoria Crescent was full of happy faces, colourful paint and trash cans Nov. 8 when the South End Community Association hosted ‘Trashy Art Bin Day’.

Fifteen metal trash cans were painted vibrant colours as part of an ongoing project to clean up the city’s south end. The cans were painted by anyone who wanted to take part and many showed up as soon as the event started.

“It looks like we are going to be finished a lot sooner than we thought,” said Maggie Wouterloot, SECA organizer.

Wouterloot has been a part of the Trashy Art Bin project since it started last year and is happy with the difference it’s made in Nanaimo’s southern neighbourhoods.

“People get a feeling of ownership and respect when they take part in this. The idea is to add some art to the community as well as encourage litter be picked up,” said Wouterloot.

Once the cans are finished, they are taken to their new homes. Each can has to be on private property, so SECA volunteers look for sponsors to take the cans.

“People essentially ‘adopt’ them,” said Wouterloot. “We give them a piece of paper that is an adoption certificate and they take the bin.”

Many people have supported the project from the beginning, including &Loan Gallery owners Bob and Rose Brown, who opened their gallery for Saturday’s event.

“They’ve been such generous hosts,” said Yvonne Vanderkooi, another SECA organizer.

The 15 cans are in addition to 10 others that found homes over the last year.

“We’ve pretty much covered the south end,” said Wouterloot.

Gordon Fuller, a candidate in the upcoming city council election, has already adopted a can.

“I got one right away. It’s a great project,” said Fuller.

“The idea is to get it to be city-wide.”

Anyone interested in adopting a bin is asked to contact Vanderkooi at 250-754-0677 or Wouterloot at 250-754-2710.

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