Art Bin

This project has been going on for sometime here in my community but this is the first time we’ve had a chance to participate. Metal trash cans are painted bright and beautiful and placed all around our community for an easy place to leave your trash. We all met at a downtown art gallery this morning. We were a bit early thanks to my not changing our kitchen clock’s time back. Turned out to be for the best since it got quite busy later on in the day.

Art Bin

I was a bit surprised at my dh’s artistic ability in painting a Birch Tree in fall bloom. It was obviously a beauty from the get go. My artistic ability fell a little short but it was still a lot of fun. Lily painted the lid on her own and then helped me colour in the words “COMMUNITY” that I had written on the side of the can. We also coloured many waves of colour in the background to finish up the can.

My friend Barbara brought a cooler filled with hot baked potatoes and laid out little dishes of whatever fixin’s suit your fancy. There is a local farm that was welcoming people to come dig up potatoes for free. You were welcome to however many you can dig up and I think most of these potatoes came from there. There was also cookies, punch, dried fruit and crackers. We had a wonderful time!

Don’t mind the lack of smile. He was really enjoying himself, I assure you!

Art Bin

Lily with her lid and me getting my photo taken without realising it. Leif of course was always nearby. He surprisingly enjoyed watching and didn’t get into the paint much.

Art BinArt Bin

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4 Responses to Art Bin Project

  1. paxye says:

    that looks like so much fun!!! and I love Cam’s tree :)

  2. Katherine says:

    That is just SO COOL! :)

  3. Katey says:

    How cool! What a great idea!

  4. Annie says:

    It WAS so cool! We had a great time and would love to do it again.

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