Life has been interrupted here with a trip to the city. We needed to come back and finish dental work and see Cam during the break he has halfway through his two month course out east. We get to see each other for three days here in Vancouver, which is two more days than we would have had had he come all the way home to Prince Rupert.

My dental work is finished and I’m so relieved! Lily has been offered a cancelled appointment a week after we are to return home so we may be extending our trip to accommodate that time. She had a successful dental and subsequent orthodontic appointment. They want to remove some baby teeth, not yet loose to make way for her permanent teeth to come in straight and then there are a few cavities between a couple of her teeth that need fixing.

Tomorrow we celebrate Imbolc. You can read here about what this holiday means to us and see what we did last year to celebrate. I wish we were in our own space so we can properly celebrate but we’ll do what we can tomorrow to honour this day. This is an especially important holiday to me because of how grey and dreary this time of year typically is at home, up in Prince Rupert. Last year, Imbolc was a real turning point where we noticed sunnier weather.

I can’t wait to be home (we haven’t been here yet a week!). I’ll have so many stories and pictures to share. Hope you are all well. I’ll try and catch up and connect when I can.

It was a tough night last night

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  1. Shannon says:

    We miss you here in town! Hope you got to enjoy being with Cam. It is now grey and windy but we had THE most beautiful sunshiny days here. And you know what? Because of all our rain and grey-ness we appreciate the brightness even better. So we are actually extra lucky for living here!
    Happy Imbolc to you and hope you are able to celebrate in a special way even if you aren’t at home.
    Lilly and Maya miss you!

  2. Hillary says:

    Hooray for Imbolc! Lovely, lovely picture of the both of you.

  3. Rae says:

    It’s true, you are missed! Looking forward to the stories and pictures of your trip!

  4. Annie says:

    We miss you guys too! I’m so glad you had beautiful weather. Of course it happened AFTER we leave. I’m so looking forward to coming home but hope we do it with all the dental work behind us. I’m hoping to find out tomorrow what’s going to happen.

    Happy Imbolc!


  5. tai says:

    Happy Imbolc Annie! I look forward to hearing your stories when you get back home. I love that picture of you and Lily- beauties.

  6. Adelaide says:

    Your blog is fantastic! I found you when I was looking for yummy new recipes, but have discovered that your whole blog is great! Thanks :)

  7. Annie says:

    Thanks, Tai!

    Good to meet you, Adelaide.

  8. Robyn Quigg says:

    Dear Lily,
    I have loved looking at your photos. They reminded me of the fun we had. Miss you.

    Je t’aime Zoelle

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