Okay, home has felt better when I came home to it being more than 6’C (42.8’F) inside. Having spent more than three weeks in the city where I didn’t need more than a sweater and down vest, I quickly put on my down coat and down booties while I called furnace savvy friends for help. And yet the frigid temperatures after travelling since early that morning couldn’t dim the happiness I felt being home.

Probably the best part in coming home is knowing that our dental issues have been addressed and we’re back in good shape. Our trip was actually extended to use a cancellation to fit in Lily’s dental surgery, saving us from paying for yet another three plane tickets there and back.

The absolute best part of our trip was seeing family and friends. Oh yeah, and we came home with a new dog!! Not wanting to get ahead of myself, I’ll keep this post about family. (Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger or for more explanation.)

The trip down was a bit rough. Lily doesn’t do well in the early mornings if she’s rushed and doesn’t eat enough. She threw up about 35 times at home, in the truck to the airport shuttle, on the shuttle (which broke down requiring us to walk a ways), in the airport, through security, and on the plane- all until we were actually flying and she slept deeply. It’s a shame she missed out on such a beautiful trip but she desperately needed that sleep to recoup.

Flying down to the city to see family and get dental work done

Eager to find GrampaGrampa hugs are the best!Visiting with NanaLily and Janey, my aunt

We participated in a walk at my Grandpa’s home to raise money for Alzheimer’s. I think $6000 was raised in just this one location! It was a great event but seeing my grandparents was the highlight. Both sets of grandparents have been married for 64 years! My grandpa “cried for happy” most of our visit.

Visiting with Great Grandpa and Grandma

Walking to raise money for Alzheimer'sMy brother doesn't like his photo takenSamEllie

Making lunch to order with Grammie

The serenity room

Thanks Lily for the picture!Janey

I was very lucky that my cousin was able to come out for a swim and lunch with us last minute. Laura Beth is wildly into fashion, something I admittedly don’t understand but her obvious passion sparks some intrigue inside me. If you’re looking for personal style or clothing advice, she’s your girl. Currently working in a Plum store and modelling on their website.

My cousin Laura Beth

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  1. dawnsuzette says:

    It sounds like you had a great time… Sorry to hear about Lily being sick on the way. That is no fun!
    Happy to see you back here!

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