I didn’t finish my Solstice countdown calendar last year like I said I would a year ago when Solstice was finished. I totally forget until a couple weeks ago when I was already immersed in some other projects, so it was left on the back burner yet again. We are again counting down the days until Solstice with a slightly less finished calendar than I’d like. I still need to make pockets for each day’s piece to be kept. I need to add buttons on the calendar for the pieces to attach to and I wanted to add more permanent detailing, like landscaping, to help it look completely finished. Are you counting down to a winter celebration? Solstice, like us or festivus or humanlight or the more typical xmas?

Here’s what it will look like on December 21st:

Solstice Countdown Calendar

My mother in law is here for a visit this weekend. I’m planing to make her make her famous english toffee so I can take better direction on how to make it myself. I might even share the recipe…

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. So far it’s cool and clear, perfect for a hike!

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7 Responses to Counting Down

  1. greenteacher says:

    That calendar is simply beautiful and is inspiring me to do one for our home. Last year we celebrated Solstice quite simply, but I am really looking forward to it this year and am going to plan ahead (definitely making your honeyed seed bread :) )

  2. Justine says:

    I believe there’s an extra thing to celebrate this solstice–an eclipse of the moon on the 21st.


  3. genie says:

    You do Solstice, too? With our 2 year old, we’re just starting to get into our own traditions and have been thinking for some time that Solstice is the holiday that we want to claim for our family. but, we are lacking in traditions to wrap around this. Next year, we’ll start the Solstice calendar too… But for this year, we’re going to put in the beginnings of a fire pit outside and then roast hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire the night of the 21.. maybe with Christmas music playing, maybe not. And open our gifts around the fire, too. And Santa will come in the morning.

    But, what other ideas to include? Where to look? I would love for you to post more on this!

  4. Jacinda says:

    We celebrate Summer Solstice at the beach with friends, a bar-b-que and often an installation of some kind of environmental art. Every year we get better at establishing this as a tradition in it’s own right rather than it feeling like Christmas’ poor cousin!

  5. Dawn Suzette says:

    I love this countdown…. beautiful.
    We are counting down to both Solstice and xmas.
    Our little winter fairy friends have been leaving felt mittens since the first with nature finds and rocks with pictures drawn on them.
    We just wrote a Solstice poem today using the letters of the word Solstice as the first letter in each line. So great to talk about what it means and have the kids made up a poem. Fun.

  6. Lindsay says:

    We have lots to countdown to this year lol. Possession day, then moving day, then Solstice, then Christmas. We plan to celebrate both, and I hope to make both special in their own right. There is no way that we can do all the magical things leading up to them that I would have liked this year, but I love the ideas I’ve been reading on various blogs and hope next year to put a lot of them into action.

  7. Annie says:

    Thank you! I love this time of year and my calendar may not be totally finished but I do love it and so do the kids.

    Genie- I wrote more last year about Solstice here:


    My good friend is going to be in New Zealand for Solstice. I love the winter but I also like the idea of being somewhere hot at the moment!

    Lindsay- you are going to create so many wonderful traditions and memories in your new home. I’m so happy for you!!

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