For the last year a little two year old girl up here in Northern BC has been battling cancer. After only a short time home from treatment down south, it’s decided she needs to have more. The community is coming together to host a fundraiser to help this family during this time. It will be an evening with friends and neighbours, music, sweets and an auction filled with local handmade items. Inspired by our friend, Cam and I decided to put a few things together for the auction. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend because we have family coming to visit this weekend.

Cam made two alder cutting boards (14 x 18 x 1.5) and a sitka spruce cutting board (15 x 20 x 3) from lumber he milled himself.

Chopping Blocks

I made a disguise kit for either boys or girls. At least I hope it appeals to either. I suppose it could also work well for adults if anyone is so inclined! You never know who’d be interested in becoming a Master of Disguise! This was really fun to make and I’m excited to share the result! Click any of the pictures to see bigger or more.

Flaming Red Beard. Probably my favourite part of this kit!

Sweet and Serious

Oh my!

Pirate ‘stache.

Pirate 'Stache

Green Glasses.

She looks like a super hero

Blue Glasses.

Despite the smile, these look almost more villan than super hero

Crown and Wand.


Crown and wand

Last but not least, the kit, literally speaking. I needed something to hold all this gear. I decided to make a bag based on one Krista gave me a couple years ago. It wasn’t too hard to duplicate (after a quick call to a friend before the stitches went in!).

Bag for the disguise kit

Looking for a new disguise

I’m so happy with how it all turned out. The disguise piece options are endless but I was working on a dwindling supply of wool felt, fabric and time. All the pieces are lined to make them a touch softer to wear and I used ribbon for ties. I hope that someone enjoys this disguise kit as much as I did making it.

In honour of Wren and her family.

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19 Responses to Master of Disguise

  1. Lise says:

    I love this! Especially the beard and the mustache–an idea I’d never considered for the dress-up box, where it seems the boys get the short end of the stick. I hope your fundraiser goes well.

  2. Vanessa says:

    love the kit! I would totally buy one for my little dude (and I would totally play with it too!)
    fantastic idea.

  3. minnegrl says:

    Oh so lovely– and the pictures are precious- to be so young where you can be transformed by a simple piece of felt. For my projects I add a bit of elastic to the ties for a bit more gripping power- maybe a 1/2 inch chunk between the felt and the ribbon or behind the ribbon…the soft hair of little ones is soft and slightly slippery…I love the red beards- very Lumberjack!

  4. Natalie says:

    What an awesome little kit! That’s wonderful of you guys to be so generous. Good luck little Wren and good health.

  5. steph says:

    Wonderful disguise kit. And the picture of the cutting boards makes me want to touch them.
    I admire your generosity.
    I would like to link to a great post listing ideas to help families with an hospitalized child. Having been there a couple of times myself I appreciate these ideas and the ideas listed in the comments section:

  6. Jan/Gramma Jan says:

    It is wonderful that you and Cam have each made something for the fundraiser. The Master of Disquise kits are just great and your test team look pretty happy with the end product! Since I am the family member who will be there this weekend I have to say that I would be more than happy to attend with you and make a contribution myself. I would be honoured to help out and/or attend with you.
    Cheers, Jan

  7. Bob Cotter says:

    What wonderful gifts the two of you have made to support this cause. My heart goes out to the family and the community supporting this little one. And the photos here … awesome!

  8. Debbie says:

    Oh my…this is awesome. Would love one of those kits for Isaac.

    What a beautiful thing your community is doing. It’s so powerful when people come together to support those in need. xoxo

  9. Rosina says:

    What a wonderful gift your community is giving this family :) I just love those mustache disquises *grin*. I’m going to show my dad the cutting boards that Cam made to! He has a mill that he milled all of the lumber for his house with and he’s been talking about making all of us cutting boards and may be this will get his creative juices flowing :)
    PS. I just LOVE your new open floor plan. I can just imagine how much you are enjoying it!
    Hugs :)

  10. Erin says:

    Well I choked up with tears…cancer is close to my experience-heart/soul as you know.

    Can others donate somehow do you think?? Let us know if you learn of a way to contribute $$.

    Simply wonderful community support you guys!

    It’s all lovely, I think children would be thrilled to receive a kit!! and parents a cutting block!


  11. debra says:

    this is such an awesome contribution! i am so impressed with your skill in making these – i’ve been thinking about the solstice advent calendar you made last year and hoping we’ll see some photos now that it’s december…?

    i appreciate that your community is coming together for this family – it is heartbreaking to think of what they are going through, and so easy to feel helpless. thank you for caring for them with your time and creativity.

  12. Tai says:

    Such great ideas and sewing! Totally impressed! My prayers go out to Wren…I can’t even imagine. Blessings

  13. Elle says:

    This is so beautifully done. Sending lots of energy and happy thoughts to Wren.

    My twin girls would love your kit. Great job.

    P.S. I’m making your black bean and yam burritos tonight:)

  14. Kim says:

    What a great kit for a great cause!

    And now I know what I’m adding to my 14 year old’s stocking this Christmas: a felt mustache! For some reason, she’s been obsessed with mustaches since she was a toddler (lucky for her (or maybe not) that my Ukrainian blood is strong in her and in no time she’ll sport her own, haha). She’ll love this, thanks!

  15. Dawn Suzette says:

    These are wonderful Annie…
    So great that the community is coming together in support.

    Getting caught up… looking forward to reading your other posts tomorrow. Time for bed now!

  16. This is wonderful Annie! I can feel how much of your heart is in all this goodness. How wonderful that you’re able to contribute in such a way to your community. It’s really amazing how we’re able to make such beauty and share such warmth in difficult times.

    I’m sending you and your friends much love and light.

  17. tai says:

    These are so great Annie! I’ll be bidding on them for sure, but I’m betting they are going to be a hot item! If I don’t win them, I might have to make a couple for my boys for the holidays, I’m making costumes for them for the solstice- Lily and Leif must be sad to see them go!
    Erin- we set up an account for Wren’s family at our local credit union. If you want you can e-mail me and I can send you the details.

  18. Amy says:

    Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say how beautiful I think it is! Your photos are amazing; I could only dream of taking photos as well as you :)
    The handmade disguises are a brilliant idea! My partner is a drama teacher, and I know he will love this idea. Thanks!
    Will definitely be back xx

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