I’d hoped to post about more of these activities before today but I’ve been away from the computer this weekend, which is never such a bad thing.

I was inspired by the many comments from my last post and was reminded about making lanterns! This was a really fun and easy project. We covered mason jars with ripped tissue paper and then fashioned wire around the top to make handles. Paper lanterns are fun but my confidence is greater that there won’t be any surprise fires when we’re out tonight with these lanterns.


Sarah inspired us to make peanut, popcorn and cranberry garlands. We’ve watched our dog, neighbour cats, varied thrushes, and even a deer poking around for a look but to my surprise the garlands haven’t been eaten all up yet.

Even Lily and Leif got in on the garland making fun.

Lily making another one

We also spent some time remembering the last year and writing our memories down on apple post it notes which we then stuck up beside the staircase. I originally planned to help the kids make an apple paper chain but this worked out too.

Apple Chain with memories of the last year

Just some of our memories:

Yesterday we made Sun Custard. This was my first time making a custard and I wasn’t that prepared. The only dish I could make work in the moment was a measuring cup! Next time I’ll be more prepared, I swear! This simple custard was so tasty even if it doesn’t look it in this measuring cup! I’ll post the recipe separately.


We went climbing with friends and then convened for a potluck holiday party. So many people who live here on the northern coast try to get away at every possible opportunity and the Xmas holiday is no exception. Most of our friends headed out of town to visit family soon after this party.

Erin outlasting

Today we’re planning on getting out and having lunch over a bonfire at one of the local lakes. Later on in the day we’re going to make a sweet “Wish” bread where we talk about all our upcoming hopes and wishes for this next year. I’ll post more later!


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4 Responses to Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. debbie says:

    happy solstice, annie! thanks so much for sharing your family’s traditions…every year we get closer to having what feels like a “fuller” more meaningful solstice. this year was lovely.

  2. Dawn Suzette says:

    Happy Solstice Annie!

  3. J.T. says:

    What great memories! BTW – thanks for the link suggestion you posted on my blog a while back. The site has a wealth of fun activities and I’m looking forward to testing them out over the next few months! Best wishes – Tai

  4. Justine says:

    We made garlands too! From popcorn and rosehips plucked from the shrub that we got rose petals from in the spring to make your rosaries.
    I love the idea of writing your families memories down on post it notes. I’m so unsentimental that I would never think of doing something like that, but it really sounds worthwhile.

    P.S. I take one look at that climbing wall and my knees go to jelly. You climbers are nuts!

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