Kitson Island is a small island of about 100 acres. We finally had a chance to come ashore to explore the two beaches and look at future camping possibilities. I’m SO excited to come back for a longer stay.

All ashore coming ashore

Leif, Lily and I were the first to come ashore and we all immediately shed our shoes and ran circles in the warm sand! The kids made a Seaweed Cafe out of an old washed up tree stump and served seaweed, limpet shells and dead crab to all.

Seaweed Cafe

I didn’t explore nearly enough of the island and stayed mostly to the beaches. All the more reason to come back. We’ll be doing more fishing and even crabbing the next time we come.

False Lily of the Valley?Fishing

Not much better than a sandy beach

Lily in her "Mookie Skirt"

It’s a short easy walk to the other side of the island. We found the rocks covered in limpets and we could see another small island close by. Between the two islands is called Flora Bank where there is a big spit of silt from the Skeena River. When the tide is low you can sometimes wade across to the small island.

A family of limpets waiting for the tide to rise again

Wilhelmina put her feet in the warm sand for the first time. I wonder what she thought?

Warm sand on baby's feet

Leif had a chance to play at driving the boat before the rest of our friends made it back to the boat before we headed home.

Driving the boat

On the way home we saw porpoises and golden and bald eagles. It was a really great day.


Bald Eagle flying away

Paxye wrote about the day here. Her pictures are well worth the peak!

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4 Responses to Kitson Island

  1. Shannon says:

    There is NOTHING better than a sandy beach all to yourself! Maybe that, and little kids in trees. We pass Kitson every time we take the boat to town but we have never walked around on it….maybe next time.

  2. Em says:

    Wow – that looks so beautiful! :)

  3. Tai says:

    It looks absolutely fantastic there – a paradise! Great pics.

  4. jenny says:

    What a wonderful place. And I’m sure you’ll have many an adventure there this summer.

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