Paxye left for home this morning after nearly three weeks visiting. I know she’s eager to be home to her family and show them all how much their sister and daughter as grown. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet Wilhelmina and hope it isn’t too long before I see her again. She won’t remember meeting us or being here but I won’t forget holding her in my arms or making efforts to find new and exciting ways to sway her in an effort to appease her need to move.

Baby and Mama

It was kind of crazy getting back into the swing of having a baby around again! My house got messy (!) and my regular cleaning (not just tidying) got way behind. We were often on the move doing one activity or another, sitting around while baby nursed and slept, doing laundry or passing Wilhelmina back and forth to enjoy her new little sounds or when the other had an errand to run. Blogging took a back seat. This was the longest break I’ve had! It wasn’t a forced break but the mood was different and I wasn’t even thinking about blogging.

Trying out my sling

Sleeping soundlyBaby and Mama

It was so good to spend time with Paxye. I hate how far we are from each other, like so many online friendships! I’ll miss her but I’m already thinking about our next visit together- on her turf this time. I would love to explore all that Montreal and area has to offer.



After dropping Paxye off at the airport bus pick up, I came home and scoured my home. I swept, mopped, tidied, organised and decluttered. I think I took for granted having two free hands and no sleeping infants to disturb!

Paxye’s posted a number of photos from her visit here if you’re interested in seeing her perspective…

4 Responses to Home Again

  1. greenteacher says:

    haha, two free hands indeed :) Great pictures of mama and baby. I get to see them tomorrow! Can’t wait to see YOU in Mtl though!

  2. Debbie says:

    So glad you are BACK! Had missed you.

    Beautiful pics. Such wonderful memories. And when you get to Montreal, I’ve no doubt you’ll love it. It’s FANTASTIC! xo

  3. debbie says:

    WHEW! I was thinking about you today, and hoping that your “absence” was because of something this good! what a nice chunk of time to have with your good friend…welcome back!

  4. Dawn Suzette says:

    Beautiful pictures of Mama and babe… So happy you had a great visit!

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