You might think this is another rant about one of my kids being talked to like a domesticated animal but it’s actually a post about my dog Oscar.

I’d bought some stewing hens the other day for him. Since they’re smaller and not as meaty as a regular chicken, I planned to give them to him whole for his meal. The first night he ate one, it was the last meal left in the container so Cam just put the container out and left him to it.

The kids and I sometimes watch him eat his meal from the window because it’s fun to see him crack and chew the bones before eating. This time we were looking out the window at Oscar sitting very politely next to the dish, bowing his head occasionally to smell the contents.

It took me a moment to realise that he saw this whole chicken and thought we’d be coming back out to butcher it before he could eat a portion tonight. We find it’s a lot less messy to butcher the meat outside since we often have large pieces to deal with.

I had to go outside to let him know that he could in fact tuck in. Once I did he enthusiastically took him meal away to eat on the grass nearby.

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3 Responses to Good Boy

  1. Debbie says:

    How cute is Oscar?
    It’s awesome that your kids get to experience this sort of living. It’s so real. I love it. Thank you.

  2. Lise says:

    Now that’s a good dog!!

    Thanks for the recipe on my blog comments today! I happen to have most of a banana in the fridge (leftover from eating out) so I might experiment with that plus something else from storage…just have to think about what might be banana-ish… Sounds yummy!

  3. Lindsay says:

    So cute! My dog does something similar. She gets the bones the cat isn’t able to chew up, but she will just sit (in the next room, so she doesn’t even hover) and wait for him to be done. And even when he’s done and jumps up away from the bones, she will usually give him a few minutes to make sure before she will go over and grab the bone. It’s kind of neat to see. :)

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