I briefly mentioned in a previous post about spending more time together in close quarters thanks to these winter days being shorter and darker. We still get outside as much as possible but that’s not as often as I think we’d all like and need.

Being cooped up together has been a test of patience at times (for all of us) because of our need for fresh air and exercise and the fact that we’re sometimes bumping into each other or unfortunately bumping into another’s hard worked marble run. Nonetheless, it’s been a great time for us to reconnect on a deeper and more understanding level in a way that we just don’t get when we’re busy outside with so much more space around each us.

Being a part of a family and being a parent isn’t always easy but it’s times when I can find my centre and be the parent I want to be that can feel the most rewarding. Being able to help my children through arguments and upset by empathising for them and with them, scripting, or collecting them when tensions are too high. This is the time when our emotional bank account with our children is seeing the most action and we have the opportunity to double our dollars when you make a deposit.

Disagreement and arguments will still happen from time to time but problems do diffuse easier with every opportunity to work together with each other.

I know this post is slightly disjointed but it’s been sitting unpublished for almost a month. I’ll take this opportunity to say that I’m looking forward to doing a great giveaway for a couple of my favourite NVC books very soon!


4 Responses to When Working Together Is The Most Rewarding

  1. Mickey S says:

    This is a great post for me right now. I want a bigger family for the reasons of working together practice. It really is so easy with just one Virgo Baby Child and two grownup children!
    Trial runs with unconditional and non V. Com. style parenting wit the first set of children now on with the goods I tell you!
    All before I knew what my ideals were called!
    I will book mark this post and re-read it with the links tonight. ( I recently promised to stop computering during my little ones awake times)

    Take care and thank you for the great post… as usual really.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Meredith is calling for me so I can’t write much, but thank you for the thoughts and I love that picture of Leif. Is it recent? He has changed so much since I last saw you all!

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh, I here you about being cooped up. It really is a challenging season but I totally agree with what you said- So much opportunity to learn and grow and understand and practice (patience. )
    Looking forward to that give away… :)

  4. Dawn Suzette says:

    Annie, Thanks for writing this. I just finshed Playful Parenting and I am currently reading Unconditional Parenting. Wow! Amazing new persepectives.
    We are moving along on our journey and things are getting sooooooo much better. I never imagined I could have the connection I have had lately with Fionna.
    Looking forward to the giveaways… even just to check out your fav books!
    And the pic… wonderful. He looks so peaceful at play!

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