Walking Lunges

That’s what I thought when he told me that today’s workout was 400 metres of walking lunges. 400 metres?!?!?! That’s more than 400 yards for you, Americans! Okay, so it turns out that’s the workout suggested on the Crossfit website my husband follows. Crossfit is about short but intense and varied workouts. We ended up doing only a block of walking lunges but it was enough to almost cripple me a day later.

I haven’t been fit all my life. It’s just another thing my husband introduced to me. That’s not to say I’ve witnessed maximum (or even close to) fitness yet in myself but I have tasted the sweet taste of my body in great shape.

It takes energy to make energy and since being pregnant with Leif, I haven’t had a whole heck of a lot of energy or drive to do more. Of course there’s more to it than just what’s going on inside of me. Getting two kids and a dog geared up and out there on my own isn’t exactly motivating. As time goes on, I’ve been feeling more and more like a lump.

As much as I wish this wasn’t true, I think part of it for me is the Prince Rupert weather. Prince Rupert is literally a global mecca for people allergic to the sun. Seriously, there are people here because they are allergic to the sun and it’s dreary and wet enough to suit their needs. It’s said that if you don’t get out in the rain, you’ll never get out. I don’t always let rain stop me but I think sometimes I do.

I finally had enough and asked Cam for help. A bigger move than you might imagine. There is a voice inside myself that would prefer to be left alone. It often tells me that things are hard and I should ease up. It tells me I’m week and pathetic so why try. I need help showing this voice that it’s wrong but I also need the know how. Having been a bike racer in the past, Cam’s really knowledgeable about fitness and training. He’s also someone who never sits still so there’s no lack of interest in moving his body.

Something important to both Cam and I is that we do this as a family. We’ve never been the kind of people who leave our children behind. I might pop out to the store for groceries, leaving the kids with Cam but we don’t generally go places unless we can take our kids with us. How can it be fun without them?

I briefly thought about doing a weekly workout plan like my weekly meal plans. I might do that if there’s interest in reading or if it seems I need to get it down or hold myself accountable.

This week so far we’ve done:

It’s equally important what you put in your body as what you do with it. Of course we want to eat healthfully. To us this is eating mostly plant based whole or real foods with as much variety as possible. I also drink water and fresh dried herbal tea. Some of the nutrient rich herbs I like to use are nettle, yarrow, burdock root, dandelion leaf and root, red clover, marshmallow leaf and root, yellow dock root….

This whole week I’ve felt sore but in a good way and I don’t feel hurt. That’s important too. There’s even a small part (very small) of me that’s looking forward to hearing what today’s workout is going to be.

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9 Responses to My Husband’s Trying To Kill Me!

  1. Cristina says:

    Perfect timing…I was just thinking how am I going to workout (with my son 4)…looking forward to seeing how you do it. Thanks!

  2. Michele says:

    Hello Annie

    I’m Michele. I have never taken the time to introduce myself even though I read your blog every day. I found you via Paxye. The least I can say is that our lives are similar in many aspects … even though we live several thousand kilometers away!

    Anyway. After reading your post today, I think you would like to add this to your blogroll …


    Very inspiring … indeed ..!

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh Annie,

    “Lump” pretty much sums up how I feel most days. Your post resonated with me so deeply. I struggle to get physical and therefor fit. I have those same voices in my head…whispering those same things. Nasty little things, aren’t they.

    I’ve taught yoga for many years but stopped about 12 months ago for a few reasons, one of which was wanting to spend more time with my family on the weekends. (which is when I taught) Since letting it go, I’ve noticed many changes. (negative) It’s GREAT that you are doing it everyday.

    Good luck on this journey. It can be tough for sure…but just think of the “Annie” at the other end. Fantastic.

    Oh…and I agree about keeping the kids close. It’s so much more interesting when they are around.

    Happy Weekend.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Very inspiring! Keep posting and maybe it’ll give me the push to get out of my own tired rut.

    PS – Nice Butt!

  5. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I could do one walking lunge…never mind a block worth! I’m very impressed with your exercise schedule. Wow. You’ll have a rock hard bum soon!

    I can definitely empathise with the pleasure in the aching muscles, the sense of motivation and returning fitness. I’ve been finding my inner healthy person, I was thinking of blogging about this too so I won’t ramble on about it here or I won’t have anything left to say on my page ;)

    It must feel so good to have Cam there to support you and help out practically and emotionally. Those little voices need gagging don’t they?!….sounds like you’re doing ok proving them wrong for now. Just needs long term work, a bit like the exercise regime. No short cuts are there?

    Good on ya’ Annie ;)

    PS- It rains an awful lot here too and I am also struggling to get out with 2 kids and the dog. If you discover the secret to making it easier please let me know!

  6. Mickey AKA Studio Terrafemina says:

    the “trying to kill me part”…
    Clicking the Lunge-link forgetting the volume was up and enjoying the solid silence of a baby sleeping in the pram beside me, ya, well…. I nearly died!!

    *insert belly laugh here*

    So thank you for the exercise.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE great abs
    from BELLY Laughing!

    In fact it my preferred method of exercising thank you very much!

  7. Krista says:

    I love when I hear my friends talk about exercise! I get so motivated and encouraged!

    I just intentionally “quit” the gym after a 9 year run at it, which started at 6 days per week and as I had more kids, it weedled down to 3 days max. I just found myself, as you say, not wanting to ditch my family and go off on my own several times a week, just to get a work out…

    I loved being fit and feeling great; but mentally, it had long turned into a “should”. For the last 6 months or so, I found myself not wanting to go for many reasons, but then I’d go anyway, then I’d end up resenting it, then burying the resentment, only to have it bubble up in other areas (snapping at loved ones, feeling irritated).

    I guess I got bored with it and wanted more fun, but because I’d gone so long, I told myself I “should” keep going, I also had a fear that I wouldn’t find another way to get my need for movement and exercise met.

    I have to say, the break has been GREAT for many reasons, I am so glad I quit. I have had time to self-reflect and uncondition myself. I’ve enjoyed the free feeling of letting go of another “should” in my life. I enjoy not leaving my family or stopping the other things I enjoy doing so that I can pop out to the gym while big brother watches the littles. I’m happy to finally be able to think of exercise once again as something I want to do because it feels good, not something I have to do.

    I haven’t found other ways of getting the regular exercise I need yet, but reading your post has got me motivated and inspired to start some simple, challenging exercises at home! I have not done leg lunges in about 4 months and I think they might just kill me too! I look forward to it!

    But I realize now, what I REAAAAAALLY want to do is dance. I want to have fun, I love music, I love to move and I would love to find a class with some fun people. That would be some great exercise and meet a lot of other needs all at the same time!!

    So glad you posted about this subject, it’s really got me thinking and feeling more hopeful! It feels GREAT to be fit, especially when you’re not getting any younger… ;)

    Good luck on your progress and may your buns heal quickly.

  8. Annie says:

    It feels so good the feel understood and supported!

    Thanks Michele, those blogs are neat!

    Sarah- you should give the lunges a whirl. They aren’t so hard and you do it until you can barely do anymore, then walk home.

    You make me realise how lucky I am to have him. Would I be able to do it without him. Maybe but this is sure a lot easier.

    I’ve decided to name that annoying voice, Joan. I’ll make every effort to gag her with my accomplishments.

    Mickey! Oh my gosh. I should put a warning about that metal music. It’s a great video apart from that! Ha!

    Krista, Dance? That’s great. I wish you could meet my friend Shawna here. She’s a big believer in dance. I love to watch her. (I’ll let go and try with her… some day)

    What I really want is to feel good daily. I want energy and of course I want to get back to doing bigger ski/hiking trips. (We have a few planned) It’s also super important to me to be able to feel this way later in life!

    Thanks again, everyone for your kind words!

  9. Dawn Suzette says:

    This is awesome Annie!
    I do miss my workouts. Mine stopped last winter when I started to feel bad about loading the kids up to freeze in the jogger while I got my runs in… then it became too icy to run… then after a few more attempts in the spring I just gave it up!
    I agree about the weather being a challenge. Esp for me coming from So. California with perfect workout weather year round.
    My background is such that I can easily put together my own workout program… now it is just a matter of getting off my bum and doing it! Thanks for the motivation!

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