I barely woke when I felt Leif stir. Instead of needing a nurse though, he leaned over and kissed my shoulder with his eyes closed and over pursed lips. To my surprise he then turned over and went back to a deep sleep. He’s growing up so fast. I went back to sleep with a smile on my face.


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7 Responses to Kisses at Midnight

  1. Mickey AKA Studio Terrafemina says:

    too fast!
    They are growing up up and away tooo fast!
    that is a charming sweet story.
    Mickey on Vancouver Island

  2. Kouba says:

    Thank you! You improved my mood.

  3. ella says:

    beautiful! <3

  4. rachel wolf says:

    Oh, sweet blessings. Lupine is three and just last night had her first all night without asking to nurse. We cuddled, yes, but nursing was never on her agenda. They grow fast…

  5. Lindsay says:

    I’m behind on my blog reading, so leaving this late, but this is so sweet. Parents who don’t cosleep miss out on so much…

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