It’s a week of finishing projects around here. I finished a big stack of mending, reorganised our closets and a big basket of new to me balls of yarn. I’m working quickly through a small quilt and finishing up the scarf I’m making for Lily so I can start on one for Leif.

Quilt in progress

Lily's Scarf

Cam finally finished the chopping block he’s been making us for the kitchen. We lack kitchen counter space and have been using a table a friend gave us as a make shift island. It took up a lot of extra space in the kitchen though and until we get our new bigger kitchen table finished, we could really use that table for eating on, especially when we have guests.

New Chopping Block

New Chopping Block

Cam loves mortise and tendon style building and I love that he loves it!

New Chopping Block

I wanted to get our compost bucket off the counter so Cam put a hole with a cut out in the block for waste compost to fall through straight into the bucket hanging underneath.

Cut out for compost waste

Falls down into the compost bucket

He makes beautiful pieces of furniture. I’m so happy this project is finished!

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13 Responses to Chopping Block

  1. Christa says:

    Wow that is beautiful! I’m wishing I had one!

  2. Alice says:

    Wow. The compost hole is positively genius. Beautiful!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Lucky you, to have someone who can build such a beautiful, useful piece of furniture! The compost bucket hole is the best thing I’ve seen all day!

  4. Dawn Suzette says:

    Love the colors for the quilt and scarf!
    I am in awe of your new kitchen addition! Amazing is right!

  5. Even if it was only for a few months, I feel so blessed to have had some of Cam’s furniture in my house. This “table looks even better though and I *love* his method for hiding the compost bucket.

    It’s great to see you back at the textiles too. I’ve made some good progress on the knitting front this fall but I’m especially looking forward to finishing off some quilts when I get home.

    Enjoy all your home made goodness;)

  6. tai says:

    Amazing work Cam! Just beautiful. The compost hole is pure brilliance!

  7. gardenmama says:

    absolutely stunning!
    i love the idea to have the compost hidden underneath! my grandfather was a fine cabinetmaker, I have a deep appreciation for this process!

  8. greenteacher says:

    Holy cow, that’s an awesome chopping block! That’s a genius idea for the compost bin too :) Lucky you!

  9. Grammie says:

    That is really beautiful. And so practical.

  10. Debbie says:

    Stunning. I wish cabinetmaking was a skill set I possessed.

  11. Aimee says:

    Beautiful!! He does amazing work! I love the compost bucket hole! Has he ever thought of selling his work?

  12. Krista says:

    This wood is exquisite. Beautiful work, Cam!! We had a butcher block when I was a kid with a “chute” for the compost, too. I liked that a lot, but it wasn’t as nice as this.
    I have a burning question though, with the bottom shelf of wood there (at the floor level) can you still stand at it to chop comfortably? My bathroom cabinets go right to the floor and I hate not being able to get close enough to the sink to brush my teeth, I have to stand back a bit and hunch over because there’s nowhere for my feet to go!
    Just curious. I really do love this piece and am entirely envious. Woodworking, what a great skill to have. Has he got another project on the go already?

  13. Annie says:

    Thanks everyone! I’m more in love with it now that I’ve used it each day. Each night Cam oils it with care. I think he’s proud of it too!

    Aimee, he used to be a journeyman carpenter before changing careers for more job security and all the rest. He didn’t do a lot of furniture but is enjoying having more time for it now.

    Krista, it does look like the bottom shelf is low but it’s not so low that our feet don’t fit comfortably underneath it. We actually tried it late last night to see because it’s not something I noticed. We don’t normally have our feet under the block though. Comfortable chopping and kneading doesn’t require being under the block much at all!

    There are still a lot of projects waiting and ready. The dining table is still in pieces although more together than before we moved. We need built in shelving on one wall in the spare/sewing room, raised beds need to be down before February, shelving in the living room….. oh so many things…

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