We saw and did some really neat things on this trip. When we first arrived to the property we lit a fire in the cook stove and went to explore before unpacking. (Please click on any of the photos for more explanation and to see them bigger.)

Warmer on Dad's Shoulders

At almost every turn there were mushrooms underfoot and they were all so different!

More Mushrooms!More Mushrooms!

MushroomMore Mushrooms!Unknown Fungus?Mushroom

More Mushrooms!Bright Orange Fungi!

MushroomsSo Many

We took the kids for the first time to see an ancient run down cabin a little ways from our cabins but usually hidden in the bush. Seems a tree fell on it in the last year. We didn’t go inside.

Old Rundown Cabin

What was neat was next to the dilapidated cabin are a triangle of three big spruce trees. We talked about how if you’re lost in the woods you stay put so you’re easier to find. It’s best to find a spruce tree to be under because it offers great protection from the elements with it’s long overhanging branches and the dry brittle twigs make excellent kindling.

We went on a number of walks and saw a lot of little things. Rosehips, High Bush Cranberries, Snowberries, Fireweed, dead birds and fish, bear poop and prints, Witch’s Hair, Grouse….

Beautiful colours in these high bush cranberriesFireweedFish CarcusI love the contrast

Almost perfect to pickDead BirdWitch's HairInteresting lines on the back of these leavesBear Paw

The first morning I woke up to the kids excitedly pointing out horses in the meadow. They were standing very still soaking up the sun that early cool morning. We decided to walk down later that day and see them up close.

View from the Cabins

The grass was so tall in the meadow. It took a while to get to a point where I could see the horses clearly.

A walk in the meadow

The horses were so big and definitely weary of us. A few of the larger horses came forward to meet us. The rest stayed back with the younger horses. We fed them a bit of grass and decided to leave them be after it was clear they didn’t like our neurotic dogs much. The horses followed us out a ways. I’m not sure it was because they were sorry to see us go.

The horses were cautiousI loved this beautiful grey beastie!

Lily was constantly making bows and arrows and even made a few blow dart guns with stiff cow parsnip. She’d pick cranberries for the dart. This daughter of mine is crazy about being out here. She even tried to convince us that we should live here permanently. Hey, I don’t really disagree with her!

Lily made a blow dart gun with cow parsnip for shooting cranberriesHeading down to get water from the creekLooking at the horses up closeI Love Fall! Two

Oscar loves it here too. He can chase grouse, eat (and roll in) rotten fish and neurotically stalk the horses from way up on the hill.


It’s prime fishing season on the river right now! We saw a few fisherman float by and Cam and Keith got their lines wet a few times too.

Fisherman passing through

So far away!

All in all it was another wonderful trip. Before we even leave I start looking forward to the next time we’ll be coming out here!

The Old Red Cabin

View from the Cabins

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7 Responses to Outside Our Autumn Escape

  1. Lise says:

    Ahhh….can I come? Looks fabulous!

  2. gardenmama says:

    Your photos are incredibly beautiful!
    What an amazing place to visit!
    It certainly looks like your family enjoyed a beautiful adventure in nature : )

  3. Dawn Suzette says:

    Looks like a wonderful time Annie! What fun Fionna and Lily would have together!
    Your pictures are beautiful as always!
    Thanks for sharing you trip!

  4. Lucy Dolan says:

    My god it looks lovely. It is not unlike here, but of course on a grander scale. We have a slightly smaller salmon river by our house and similar trees. No bears though! No wild horses either. Just alpacas!

  5. What a wonderfully beautiful place to rest and love nature! Gorgeous!


  6. nadia says:

    such a lovely escape! the mushrooms are fantastic!

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