Oh boy, today’s shop was pricey. I’m starting to notice how much more expensive most food is this far north. I think my grocery bill was close to $200 over three store trips. I did buy more expensive foods like maple syrup, some nuts and seeds, nut butters and new jars and a crate of tomatoes for salsa making tomorrow. I still need to send a small shopping list to someone in the lower mainland to get some items I can’t find here, like dried fava and black beans (!!), toothpaste (with no sls but with fluoride) and farro.

This week I’m making:

On a side note, I also plan on making Jamie Oliver’s Nan’s Lemon Drizzle Cake to share with friends. Mm mm good…

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  1. Oh one of these days I WILL follow your lead.
    I will I will I will do a weekly dinner plan!
    Meanwhile I love reading your recipes.
    Sometimes I need to warm up to the running start… you know what I mean jelly bean. With all your great posts I will surely follow suit one fine day!

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