Yesterday we went for a short boat ride across the Prince Rupert harbour to Dodge Cove where we explored a short loop walk. It was a beautiful rainy and warm day and I was impressed with the walk. Lily and I were remarking about how it seemed like we were on a fairy land walk. The local artsy residents maintain the looped trail and have embellished the trail with pretty things along the way.

You can click on any of the pictures to see them bigger or see more from this trip.

Welcome to Dodge Cove

I love all the purposely placed pieces of art next to the trails.


Mushrooms! I can’t forget to mention the old planted raspberry patch we found. We ate handfuls of perfectly ripe raspberries. Little Nolan couldn’t sign “more” fast enough!

Beautiful mushroomOld raspberry Patch

We stopped in the see an old dilapidated house hidden in the trees. What a shame! This house was originally built for a doctor and his family to use. I believe it was used only briefly because the hospital that the doctor was to work in on a neighbouring tiny island blew down. It was used by some researchers and at least one other family before being abandoned in the sixties.

StaircaseDead Crabbie

On our way across the harbour, we had stopped and baited a couple crab traps. We caught 8 crabs and after measuring and sexing them we were left with 3 for supper.

Too small

Supper was wonderful. Crab, corn chowder and I contributed Bhangra Burritos. A fantastic way to spend the day with friends!

Fresh CrabCorn Chowder

Bhangra Burrito with Chickpea Potato Curry and Chard

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4 Responses to Dodge Cove

  1. Vanessa says:

    it is SO green up there.

  2. Kyrie says:

    Wow, where you live is so beautiful. So lush. And fresh crab chowder, yum!

  3. taimarie says:

    It is just so exciting to be reading a blog about my neck of the woods. I’m not just drooling over the beauty, but also thinking- “hey, I’ll have to check that out!”

  4. Tanis says:

    Looks beautiful! We can’t wait to come down and check out theses amazing spots!
    looking forward to seeing your finished hat :0)

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