Yesterday was an exciting and busy day for mail. The fabric I ordered online for a hat I want to make finally came, as did the interfacing I needed for the same project. Thank you kindly to Judy for mailing it to me! I also got a Hase catalogue. I wanted to see more after seeing and reading about Paxye meeting these neat people. I also recieved a sweet smelling package from Heather at Beauty That Moves.

Cash Budget Pouches

I bought these beautiful cash budget pouches from Heather. I ended up asking for my budgeting categories to be one important expense, Groceries and then three categories for extras, Slush Fund, Fabric and Carrot Cake. The ‘slush fund’ is for random frivolous purchases, ‘fabric’ is obvious and ‘carrot cake’? That’s in honour of the fabulous carrot cake here in Prince Rupert at Cowpaccino’s. I don’t eat it often enough that it needs it’s own cash pouch but I suppose this pouch will be for personal indulgences. It’s not often that I spend money just for me so the money for ‘carrot cake’ will be just that.

I thought I’d share a sneak peak of the hat I’m making with my new fabric. I started it after supper last night and think I should be able to find the time to finish it today. I was inspired by this hat. Lily’s already eyeing the fabric in the hopes of there being enough for a smaller version.

Hat in Progress

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5 Responses to Sewing, Biking and Budgeting

  1. Vanessa says:

    very sweet fabric- can you share the pattern you are using?

    and love the idea of budget cash pouches. I sort of do this when I am on vacation, but I think it would be a good way to divy out the money I make on the side teaching yoga!

  2. Lucy Dolan says:

    Nice material! I always wanted cash boxes for various things but I thought this was a really lame system as no-one seems to use it – but here you are using it an no-one is laughing at the idea! Maybe I will get those cash boxes after all.

  3. Sarah says:

    COOL! All so cool Annie ;)

    What an amazing family doing that journey with the kids on bikes. And I thought I was brave today cycling to see my pal with Magnus in the seat and Esme riding beside me!

    Your sewing project looks great, gorgeous fabric and a cool pattern. Wish I could just jump on the machine and run up something but I need to rescue it from under piles of stuff in the glory hole first….

    The purses are lovely and a great idea. I am so rubbish at budgeting, perhaps this would help me. I can spend money like water so some lockable zippers might me a good tweak for this house!

    Ah it’s all so inspiring….thank you!

  4. Hey there Annie. The hat is looking so cute, love the fabric! The cash budget pouches are such a good idea and they are so pretty.
    Lisa :)

  5. LivingSimply says:

    So cute – I just started learning how to use a sewing machine (sad…considering I’m well into my thirties) – but better late than never. Going to give this a shot!!!

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