Chickens are fun and even a bit mesmerising! I found myself zoning out watching the chickens run around, peck at stuff and roll in the dirt. I think I could have watched them all day. 

7 weeks old. Titan (I call that chicken Titan because I can’t remember its darn name) in the back, Flower Power is the friendly white one and then bold Ruby in front.

Look at the cool looking eggs they could lay one day- if they turn out to be girls. Poor C was hungry for that egg and he ate the whole thing after this picture!


Poor Z kept crashing and hurting herself this day but there were a lot of fun times too. The girls went in the ocean. 

And climbed trees.

Not to forget my cute baby boy in blue who wanted to bring his own camera along.

10 Responses to Chickens and Beaches

  1. Amy says:

    Chickens are mesmerizing! I find my house a disaster since I got chickens because we end up spending all of our time during the day outside staring at them and playing with them instead of cleaning and organizing. They’re so much fun! And the eggs are a nice bonus too…

    That brown chicken, I think the bold one named Ruby, looks like an Easter Egger rooster to me. I used to have one just like him, he’s the father of the chicks we just hatched. He turned out to be a mean toddler attacking rooster though, so after she was beat up several times we had to dispatch him to someone with bigger, meaner children.

  2. Annie says:

    Thanks Amy! This is what my friend is worried about. She definitely doesn’t want any males… Not long now until you can tell, eh?

  3. lisa says:

    That cute little boy of yours is growing fast! I see a difference in him….even over the internet!

    Lisa :)

  4. suna says:

    what will you do with the roosters?

  5. suna says:

    Just kidding………they are all good laying hens.

  6. Annie says:

    That’s so neat you can see it Lisa! It’s hard for me to see, being here seeing him all the time.

    Suna, that made me laugh like crazy! I hope that at least one of them is a laying hen…. for my friend’s sake!

  7. Amy says:

    Soon they’ll be crowing! One of my little one is starting to crow and he is so proud of himself, but he doesn’t realize he sounds like a little lamb. It’s so funny.

    The one on the left is definitely a rooster, and the one behind it looks like it has a curly rooster tail too! I think your friend might need to get some more laying hens, lol.

  8. dancing dragonfly says:

    Just an update Ruby and Yamaha turned out to be roosters and were having competitions to see who could cocka-doodle-doo the loudest! So I was very lucky to find a farmer who has ameraucanas and aracanus who took the roosters and I got two more hens? Flower power the white one seems ok with the new additions. DD called one cutie cheeks and the other one got named knighter (I think it is an rooster!) Will send you photos of new chickens. Like Amy said I get mesmorized watching them. Good form of meditation!

  9. Annie says:

    Ah ha! What so many thought! I’m glad you got new chickens though so it won’t be so noisy! Thanks for the update!

  10. dancing dragonfly says:

    update no. 2. Knighter is a rooster! Tomorrow we are going to the VIEX and trading him with the farmer for a hen I hope! Sad to seperate him from the pack but it is what it is!

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