6 Responses to 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

  1. Sally says:

    LOVE this – saw it about a year ago. Thanks for spreading it about!

  2. Krista says:

    Can you vaguely recall me recommending this clip to you when we were talking over the fire at Newcastle that day? I could only remember 1. fire 2. drive a car 3. play with knives…. Thanks for posting, now I can refresh my memory. Love this philosophy a lot.

  3. Annie says:

    I totally remember Krista! I mentioned it on Sarah’s blog that we were talking about it but just didn’t here. What a great concept, eh? After we talked we made an effort to get Lily her own pocket knife. We have a number here and she’s used them but she now has her own.

  4. greenteacher says:

    Dh was so excited to watch this! I totally remember playing with a magnifying glass when I was young, making leaves smoke. I’ve seen a few kids climbing trees in our area recently, which really made me smile!!

  5. He says to take his info with a grain of salt but his ideas really do seem more important than that for the most part. I’m surprised that tree climbing didn’t make the list though.

    Kev and his sisters are avid tree climbers to this day and they are so much more agile and creative than most adults I know. I think there was a lot more to it than climbing trees but I do realize that the freedom to explore in that way is important.

    I remember how much I enjoyed playing with fire when I was little and while I didn’t get my own knife until I was a teenager, I did my fair share of whittling. Good times!

    On the fire front it doesn’t seem so natural to have candles with wee ones but they so love it!

  6. Penelope says:

    I’d seen this one before, Annie, but I was worth watching again! Love it, love the message! I try to let my kids do “dangerous” things on a regular basis – I sometimes wonder if I’m coming off as neglectful at times. At least to those who don’t subscribe to the dangerous things theory.

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