We walk a lot in the evenings, especially when the weather is hotter. It’s nice to get out in the fresh cooling air.

Lily always likes to dress for the occasions and chose her sari top tonight. She’s a real girl’s girl.


We walked downtown and then along the waterfront. We got ice cream cones (YUM!) and took a longer way home. Along the way we came across a sprinkler watering the lawn, boulevard and sidewalk in between. Leif didn’t know what to make of our walking right through it and wanted to see for himself.


He went in and out of this sprinkler until he was sopping wet! He didn’t want to stop either but it was getting rather chilly and we had a ways to go yet until we were home.


We ended the evening with a little fire to burn old paperwork we don’t need to take with us to Prince Rupert. (Only days until we’re on the ferry up north!)

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8 Responses to Evening Walks

  1. Vanessa says:

    oh what a nice way to spend the end of the day!

  2. Wow, you are becoming quite the photographer! What a cool little view into your life pre-move. It sounds far more calm and peaceful than here and I have 18 days before I leave for the summer.

    We had a good ‘ole fire in the backyard on the weekend and I didn’t even think to take photos. We were on the same wavelength however; in burning old paperwork. I had boxes of old receipts, the product of nearly a decade worth of saving for such an occasion. Every other time we’ve tried to burn it the wind has said no.

    I hope the packing and goodbyeing is going well. Do you think you’ll ever be back to visit?

  3. greenteacher says:

    Oh how I love walking through sprinklers! Doesn’t it totally make you feel like a kid again!? There is nothing better than to spot an errant sprinkler stream when it’s hot out and you need to cool down…
    On another note, hope the packing is coming along ok!

  4. Annie says:

    I’m really looking forward to the new camera because mine is on it’s last legs. The lens cover doesn’t close anymore and it’s hard to protect the lens. It also oddly stopped making noise today so I wasn’t sure if I was actually taking pictures! Thanks though. I’m enjoying learning a bit more about using a camera.

    G- You are so right about random sprinkler action. When I delivered mail for a living I would seek them out on the 30-40′ hot summer days and praise the sprinkler owners in the hopes of motivating them to put it out, just for me, whenever they could!

  5. Krista says:

    I am so sad I needed to pass on dinner last night. Rotten allergies!! NINE days to go? Ah….. we knew it would happen, didn’t we? Doesn’t make it easier or less shocking though! So glad we’ll have one more chance to do dinner.

    Lily’s little finger in the second photo is too much. She is so absolutely a girlie girlie GIRL! So sweet! Leif cracks me up in the sprinkler, I wish I could click those photos to make them bigger so I can see his great expressions better!

  6. Krista says:

    Oh and hey, I also want to mention how much I am looking forward to your posts after you move — of your evening walks and trips about ‘town’ and such in Prince Rupert. I am very curious about the place and about life there and I know you will document in a way that will give us all a clear picture of what it’s like. This is when I realize how lucky we are to have such amazing technology. So easy to keep in touch! :)

  7. Annie says:

    I wish you could click on them too to make them bigger. I tried hoping it would work and it didn’t and am not sure how to make it work. I thought it might be a bit heavy with them the usual size and honestly I don’t think they’re so great that they need to be.

    I’m totally laughing at the finger. I didn’t actually see it. HA!

    I’m so glad that some friends have blogs/flicker pictures that I can keep up with too. I love seeing what you all see. It makes me feel a bit more connected. I also so excited to use Skype!

  8. Alice Kelly says:

    Flicker is really great when sharing photos over friends and families. I love the resize feature of Flickr.~’;

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