After about two hours of flying over empty coastline I could tell we were close to landing only because we were getting closer to the ground. From my viewpoint, I could see a ton a beachy rocky coves and points and all I could think was “wow, beautiful!”.

The weather was beautiful today and it’s suppose to continue for the rest of our trip. What a wonderful first view of Prince Rupert.

The Prince Rupert Airport was a crazy experience. The building reminded me of the Cranbrook Airport in size but we were greeted coming in with welcomes and offers of free coffee and newspapers. How lovely, I thought. Turns out it’s for a purpose- you’re going to be there a little while longer.

Prince Rupert’s airport is located on Digby Island and you have to board one of two buses that will take you across a ferry and to downtown. After walking through the airport, we went over to the bag check to get our bags and after a short wait a couple airport baggage guys lifted them all off onto a baggage platform. One of the guys even made extra effort to give Lily her pink backpack first since it was obviously hers. We loaded up our baggage onto the offered airport cart and headed outside. 

Some of the passengers boarded the buses when they had little luggage but the rest of us waited for some sort of word as to what to do next. That’s the thing. No one told us what we were to do or where we were to go. We laughed heartily over this and just continued to follow the crowd.

A big cube truck pulled up then and backed up to where we all were. The baggage guys we just saw 8 minutes ago and not 4 meters away from where we were now standing to first give us our baggage was now taking it back and putting it in the cube truck. 

We had two choices for buses. We chose the more comfy looking commercial coach bus over the turquoise school bus circa 1984. I’ll tell you though it was a bit freaky driving on the narrow ramp down onto the ferry. You couldn’t see the side of the ramp as you drove on it!

The ferry was equally fun. It was full with only the two buses, one cube truck and 4 cars. There wasn’t any room left to spare. It was a little unnerving to sail across seeing so many rock outcrops projecting from the water here and there. It didn’t help that the tide was low! 

We’re at our hotel now and are feeling great about being here. Our realtor had met us at the bus depot and seemed to know every person we came in contact with. I love that small town feeling. Tomorrow we’re planning on having breakfast at friend’s and we’re lined up to see about a dozen houses.

Lily and Leif’s flight experience. Lily LOVES flying in spite of her sweaty palmed armrest clutching mom. When she wasn’t looking out the window at the sights she was watching a movie on the computer. Leif slept almost the whole way to Prince Rupert!

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10 Responses to Prince Rupert day 1

  1. paxye says:

    So glad to hear that you guys are there safe and sound… I can’t wait to hear about the house hunting and all the cool things that you will be seeing…

  2. dancing dragonfly says:

    glad you had a good flight. So cute leaf sleeping. Positive house hunting

  3. Kyrie says:

    That sound like a really cool experience! I’ve never been so far North. I hope you find the perfect place!

  4. greenteacher says:

    I’m sooo terribly excited for all of you!!!! as I was reading the part about the real estate agent knowing everyone, I couldn’t help but picture it… sounds awesome already! can’t wait to hear more :)

  5. Lucy Dolan says:

    We are following your progress eagerly! Sorcha and I are enjoying seeing all the photos of the beautiful area. Hope your househunting goes well. Sorcha fancies a play with Lily! I can relate to your sweaty palm flying approach – I hate flying!

  6. Justine says:

    It all sounds so exciting and romantic! Enjoy. And I hope your realtor is working 24/7 for you (well, 16/7 anyway!) to ease any feeling of pressure.

  7. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to hear the next instalment of your big adventure. Crossing my fingers and toes for your day of house hunting, Good Luck!

  8. Krista says:

    Ack! This is just a cliff-hanger wondering how you’re all doing up there! I want to hear everything! Hope all is going well and you’re rocking the house hunt big time in PR…. ;)

  9. Annie says:

    It’s been so so busy here! I had to give up a habour view soak in the hot tub to get caught up on blogging.

    I can’t wait to share more but to be honest, I’m wishing I had more help choosing a house. Will you all come up and help? Some are so pricey, others need a lot of work- more than what would be worth doing in just four years or you wouldn’t get the value out of it at the end. Some have great views and are sunny and others are gorgeous houses but shady most of the time. We just haven’t found that perfect house.

    It’s been so much on our minds that Cam and I are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. It’s so stressful only having 3 more days… We’re going to have to start making an offer on one tomorrow or the next day.

  10. sarah says:

    what an adventure!

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