How weird is it to be sitting silently across from your best friend and have them ask you for another word for xxx and upon further explanation to realise that you’re not only writing a blog post on the same topic but that their titles happen to also be scarily similar. The creepy thing is that we weren’t even talking about this particular subject beforehand.

So be prepared for a couple of almost identical blog postings today from Paxye and I…

3 Responses to Same Wave Length

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ha, too funny! You have me curious now, I can’t wait to read them. ;)

  2. Annie says:

    We just posted and read each other’s posts for the first time. A tad weird sometimes being on the same wave length like that.

  3. Sophia Sunshine says:

    Ha ha! I was thinking about that when Paxye was posting and you weren’t. She was essentially posting for both of you. Can’t wait to see these similar ones.

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