…I was puttering around wondering if this was going to be the day that my last baby was going to be born. I didn’t have any estimated due date and I didn’t know what week I was in but I was starting to feel finished being pregnant. I was having gentle hugging in my belly. I just knew this was the time.

Leif was born 40 minutes after midnight after the most wonderful birth I could imagine. So although his birthday is technically tomorrow, I’ll always think of the 28th as being the day my body worked so hard at giving birth to him.  Leif’s Birth Story

Less than a day old!

Leif makes us laugh! Especially when his wide eyes make him look surprised!



He can be shy, needing time to warm up to people.


But when he does warm up he enjoys being with others.

He’s always climbing on things!

He loves to help in the kitchen.

Even if it’s just checking to make sure the spices are still fresh.

Happy Second Birthday Leif!

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18 Responses to Two Years Ago Today…

  1. Krista says:

    HEY! I didn’t tell me that on our walk this morning! Happy Birthday to Leif, love the photos, all of them. See you when you get back. I’m off for my weeks worth of groceries, interesting week lined up thanks to input from various people at my place. Lime cookies somehow made it on to the list too! Enjoy the sun and the lovely ferry trip….

  2. Krista says:

    That was supposed to say “YOU” didn’t tell me that (obviously). Whoops.

  3. Judy Roberts says:

    H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y, L-E-I-F !!!

    (For tomorrow, of course.)

    By coincidence, Annie, a couple of days ago I stumbled on your post about Leif’s unassisted birth. I found it very moving.

  4. paxye says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you!!! omg he is getting so big and he is so cute!!!

  5. lisa says:

    What a cutie pie!!! Wow, you have some great photos of him….that baby butt in the dishwasher, I just want to pinch it! LOL! He really looks like his daddy! What a beautiful preggie mama you were. Happy birthday Leif!

  6. I have today marked on the calendar… the calendar I almost never look at. Oops. That’s so cool that you just “knew” that would be the day that Leif was meant to appear. And what a cutie climbing monkey he is. It’s so hard to believe he is actually that old already!

    Enjoy your island time… I can’t wait to see what he helps you cook up for his birthday!

  7. greenteacher says:

    Happy Birthday Leif and Annie!

  8. Lindsay says:

    Happy Birthday Leif! He has grown so much!

  9. Lucy Dolan says:

    What a cutie. He looks like you both….sometimes like his dad and sometimes like you. I am envious of your UB story – I didn’t have the nerve, although my second birth was natural, stress free, drug free too, in water (just in a small hospital ward!)…

  10. Deirdre Goff says:

    Happy 2nd birthday Leif! Wow, he looks so grown up in that last picture. Although I guess it’s been 4 (gasp!) months since we last saw you guys…let’s get together soon, OK?

    I totally know what you mean about just *knowing* when he would come. My due date was technically around Jan 8 but for quite a while before I just knew that Malcolm would come sooner and Jan 3 stuck in my head for some reason. Sure enough…!

  11. April says:

    Happy birthday Leif!

  12. sarah says:

    happy birthday Leif! and happy Birth day to you Annie!

    gorgeous boy and photos

  13. Annie says:

    Thank you all! It wasn’t as emotional for me this year as it was last but I was still struck my warm memories of giving birth to Leif. What a wonder experience that was.

    We had a crazy weekend away in Vancouver, having to go to a family member’s engagement party on Leif’s birthday. We didn’t even get home until midnight last night! Leif had a good time with a cake at my dad’s and cupcakes at dh’s Aunt’s.

  14. Annie says:

    ps. Deirdre. I’m desperate to come down and see you guys… I’ll give you a call when I have some time here this week. See how you are….

  15. kristen says:

    So many great pictures! Hope it was a happy day!!

  16. peggy says:

    Oh…. That second picture of him, yawning…I just had to stop and stare at it. So beautiful and sweet and perfect, what a great great picture.
    And the nakey bum dishwasher one is pretty dang classic too :)

    Happy (belated) Birthday to him and Happy Birthing Day to you – you look so gorgeous there, all ready to see your new baby!

  17. Angela says:

    happy birthday, Leif – what a handsome guy! that picture of him on the dishwasher is AWESOME, btw.

  18. Happy (belated) birthday!! Just catching up with your blog and loving seeing all your latest adventures in such beautiful places!

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