Kyrie at Are So Happy is in the last weeks of her pregnancy and is posting each week about our Five Senses. She’s asked others to play along. This was timely because Lily’s has renewed interest in a book she has about the body. (Thanks R) She pulled the book out initially to get more information about the lungs which is in an upcoming post!

Lily has so much fun with this book. She wanted to take turns covering our eyes and quickly uncovering them to watch each other’s pupils go from BIG to small. Good fun.

When I think about the moments lately that I don’t want to forget I think of how fast my babies are growing these days. Lily can reach the tap at the sink or unlock and open the front door without a chair or even being on tip toes. When did this happen?! Leif hasn’t had a “miss” in months. Months!? He’s not even two but diapers are long behind us!

There are so many wonderful moments I witnessed this week. This is a favourite I happened to catch. Lily dressed Leif completely- shirt, underpants, pants, socks, jacket, shoes and of course an elf hat made the ensemble complete. They’re ready to go out to play…

7 Responses to Five Senses: Sight

  1. sunnymama says:

    He looks cute in the little elf hat, she dressed him in style!

    I nominated you for an award. Please do come and collect it at my blog if you would like it :)

  2. lisa says:

    What a great book on the senses. I love how Lily dressed Leif and that hat is the cutest!

  3. Annie says:

    Thank you so much Sunny Mama! That’s so sweet!

  4. Annie says:

    Lisa- This book about a lot more than just the senses! It’s so very cool with all it’s interactive features that you can manipulate, like pull tabs and dials.

    I love that hat! We borrowed it from a friend because Lily couldn’t get enough of it.

  5. ella says:

    what book is it annie? alex would love this :)

  6. Annie says:

    The Human Body by Hedelin/Barborini. The only thing I don’t love in this book is the part about babies being born. They show mom getting an ultrasound and “birth day” is siting in a hospital bed hooked up to monitors. She apparently must rush to get “help” to give birth. Also apparently babies always cry when they are first born because breathing is a “strange feeling”. Also later in the book there is a short paragraph about getting vaccines. Anyway, what book is perfect?

  7. sarah says:

    kudos about the diapers gone!

    we’ve been doing EC since birth, but Max doesn’t want to stop the diapers- she still pees in them sometimes. i am hesitant to just take them away? (she’s 21 months)

    also- didn’t receive your FB friend request- was it the right Sarah Rosensweet? my man’s aunt has the same name…

    hope you’re well! i must confess, i’ve been better, but will keep on keeping on

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