I hear this more often than I enjoy: “I know my rights!” “I can say that because I have Freedom of Speech”. Here in Canada, we have no such right. We have something, imo, much better: Freedom of Expression.

This means you are welcome to express your opinions and thoughts so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of anyone else. You do not have the right to propagate hate, intolerance or prejudice. 

What makes me want to write about this? I just thought I’d like to get it out there. Help clarify in case anyone in this country wasn’t clear on one of our rights and freedoms. I hate to say it (again) but I think too many people (especially non Americans) watch too much American tv that the lines between fantasy and reality is becoming blurred.

3 Responses to Freedom of Expression

  1. paxye says:

    well said, and very true…

    I can’t believe that this has to explained…

  2. Lucy Dolan says:

    I think we exported at least some of our beliefs in individual freedom from here (Scotland/UK) (as well as pancakes!) and you are right on the money – it is tempered by checks and balances, not least the law of defamation. Can’t just say what you want when you want, but you do have a good deal of leeway within reasonable boundaries. Seems fair enough to me!

  3. Annie says:

    *snip* “you do have a good deal of leeway within reasonable boundaries. Seems fair enough to me!”

    You’re so right, Lucy. It’s not surprising that we have such similar rights freedoms having common background in the British Commonwealth. We all have our history with the English.

    I sure hope the Scots don’t watch as much American tv though as Canadians seem to! Do you ever hear a Scot try to “plead the fifth”? *Laughs maniacally while bashes head on the desk*

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