…an apprentice in patience.

I’ve said this a lot over the years. In a way it’s a mantra and a reminder to be patient even in the hardest of times. I’m sure I’m not the only mother and partner on the planet that needs a reminder like this almost every day.

Patient when my child isn’t willing to talk after blowing up and feeling upset.

Patient when I can’t hear my partner for their mumbling because they’re trying to do something else while I’m trying to get information from them.

Patient when I try to do something over and over it’s not working like I want it to. 

Patient when I’m making a phone call and my partner seems deaf to the crying child at their knee.

Patient when my child is upset but is taking more time than I’m enjoying to explain what’s going on for them.

Basically patient when myself or a loved one is having trouble getting our needs met.

I can’t be reminded enough about patience- even when it’s just when I’m starting to rush about instead of taking it easy. My daughter actually reminds me that I need to have more patience when I start to lose it! I guess she’s heard me say that enough to myself or when I apologise for being short moments before. When she reminds me, it actually cuts the tension and puts a smile on my face. 

Patience is the art of caring slowly.
~John Ciardi

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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10 Responses to I am…

  1. MamaShift says:

    I heard a zen nun got into the habit of saying “I forgive this.” It seems to open the heart.

  2. MamaShift says:

    I should say that most importantly includes forgiving yourself and your impatience. I’ve found it very powerful to make the first step all about forgiving myself.

  3. Kevin makes it seem like it’s easy to be patient. I never thought it possible but I’m *slowly* becoming more patient. It’s certainly more of a challenge if I eat the wrong foods or get behind on sleep but I’m an apprentice too – I like how you put that!

  4. Annie says:

    I want to drink up your comments, MamaShift, so I never forget them! “I forgive this.” and of course forgiving ourselves and our impatience. These two things remind me of a wonderful book “Start Where We Are”. It helped change a lot of perspective for me in this regard.

    L- I found patience started to really grow in me after Lily was born. I always think of patience and Lily going together- not because she’s a prominent reason for me needing patience because that’s not true at all! You’re lucky you’re thinking about a lot of this stuff pre children (if you have them…).

  5. sunnymama says:

    What a lovely post! It resonated with me too.

  6. JT says:

    I completely understand your statement of finding your patience growing after your child was born. I was the epitome of inpatient prior to the birth of my daughter…it must be an instinctual change from within once motherhood occurs…to help us with all of the changes our little darlings bring! Now I need to practice being more patient with my husband!!! :)

  7. Judy Roberts says:

    I’d never heard that John Ciardi quotation, “Patience is the art of caring slowly.” Wow, that is profound. I love it.

  8. Annie says:

    Now I need to practice being more patient with my husband!!!

    Ha! Too true. It’s hard when expectations are greater simply because they’re adults. You think they should a) know better and b) be better at working with you…

  9. lisa says:

    What a fantastic Emerson quote….advice I need to remember as well. There is so much truth and wisdom in your posts. Thank you so much for this.

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