It’s a beautiful day today! Finally not foggy. Or should I say not foggy yet today? I hope it’s the former and the perpetual fog is on it’s way out.

I had a friend over for lemon and garlic roasted chicken and vegetables last night (the broth bubbling all night in the crock pot smells heavenly right now) and she was telling me about some dishes she hummed and hawed over in an antique store up in Coombs. I suggested we go back for a second look today. Cam’s not working so I might actually have a chance to go into an antique shop without my kids. How novel of an idea is that?! 

I can’t wait to have a look around. I’ve been slowly collecting dishes for some time now and I’m eager to have a look at what treasures I might find.

In case anyone has missed it, Krista has recently written some outstanding posts touching on praise, punishment and rewards, Unconditional Parenting, NVC…

3 Responses to Sunshine, Antiques and Peaceful Living

  1. peggy says:

    Thanks for the timely links to those posts. Wonderful!

    Did you score any good finds at the antique shop?

  2. Annie says:

    I did!! I bought a new (old) hand mixer. It’s beautiful cast aluminium and steel with a stained green wooden handle and it dates from 1908. It’s a real “tried and true” appliance. It’s heavy, spins easily and it’s perfectly weighted. I can’t wait to put it to use.

    I also found a few more dishes for my collection. I was able to take a few old (ugly) dishes, that mil gave us years ago, out of my cupboard for good. I’m glad about that. I’ll probably offer them on Freecycle this week.

  3. Yeah, getting rid of the uglies! My mom got a vintage set of mixing bowls for me for Christmas but there’s no “big” one and this set doesn’t have one so my mom mentioned I should look in coombs next time. Maybe I will! I so need a big bowl so I can try making bread again! That and nearly everything needs to be made in mini batches so we don’t have problems with overflow. I can’t wait to see your new finds next time I’m out!

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