Here are a few shots Paxye took of me and my kids when we were visiting. What’s remarkable to me is that these were just casual shots taken while we were chatting away. I’m sure she’ll be posting more on her blog and/or her flicker page. (I just noticed some shots on there that I took!)

Leif a bit shy and also a shirt change after soaking his shirt with a drink of water.

Darn Leif looked away for this otherwise fantastic shot.

Caught nursing Leif at the birthday bbq and Lily climbing on the playground equipment!

Khena and Leif just hanging out. They’re almost exactly four months apart in age.

9 Responses to Visit With Paxye

  1. Sophia Sunshine says:

    Wow, those are some great photos and that the weather was in your favour too. I’m sure the next visit is going to be a blast too!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I thought I left a comment, but I guess not! I am already lusting after Paxye’s camera and I haven’t even seen it yet. She’s got to be pretty talented too. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful visit.

  3. Annie says:

    It’s too bad you aren’t going to be around during the visit too Sophia!

  4. sophia sunshine says:

    That’s so true! It’s making me want a “real” visit next time we’re out though. Plans are in the works for a big road trip next August/Sept.

  5. Annie says:

    Cool! Keep me in touch. You know you’re always welcome here.

  6. Annie says:

    Hey- I see I just missed your call…

  7. Katherine says:

    What lovely pictures.

    There are several bloggers who I would love to meet in real life. Sometimes I dream about an unschooling blog conference. Ya know, a kind of business meeting for us moms. Sigh. Maybe one day…

    : ) K

  8. Annie says:

    Thanks! I totally agree. I’d love to meet quite a few people online. I’ve really wanted to go to other unschooling conferences in the past but haven’t because of cost, lack of passport for son…. Have you been to any of those Katherine? I was looking at the cruise ship one coming up but I just don’t think a cruise ship is our style and the environmental impact of them alone is pretty intense…. I’m with you on the “sigh”.

    Maybe you should host a working conference at your place. Work on that pond and such. :)

  9. sarah says:

    was just looking at your diaper free topic section, and these lovely photos of you and your kids caught my eye- very beautiful. a couple other posts you have here (before i discovered your blog) caught my eye too- lots of the books you like are also my favourites, Maxine has those same knitted slippers, etc- we have a lot of similarities! if we are ever in eachother’s neck-of-the-woods it would be fun to meet! Sarah

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