The fall yoga season has come to an end and Lily and Leif’s teacher is home to India for December. The kids are eager to start again in January. I took a few pictures at the last class.

Yoga studio

I think it’s worth taking a minute here to explain why the pictures look so strangely yellow! I was struggling with setting my white balance this day and in large part thanks to those tall lights! They aren’t very yellow in real life. Ideally, I would have liked to have all the images turn out with the same yellowness as each other, even if they were wrong but I played around with different things and so they aren’t consistant. Regardless, I really liked these moments and so I’m sharing! Live and learn, right?

Chatting before class.

This is such a wonderful class! I think one of the little girls in the class was right when she remarked that she liked that the kids actually wanted to be there. It’s very true. This little girl had opted to switch to yoga after another activity taking place at the same time was filled with kids forced to be there. The kids so enjoy this yoga class.

Their teacher, Dinesh, brings the kid’s energy levels up with stretching and strength building yoga, interspersed with moments of peaceful and quiet meditation. It’s quite incredible to watch- especially the mediation part.

Up and... Out

This is the little sister of a couple of the kids in class. She’s a bit too shy to join but throughout the fall has moved a little closer to joining the class.

A little shy

Most of the kids were interested in having a turn balancing on the rest of the class’s feet!

Ellie's turn! Sophie's turn!

Leify's turn!

At the end of the class, the group shares how it’s grateful.

Grateful at the end of class

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